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Others have remained silent on the issue, but a new Tumblr is pption companies out of the closet. Brands have the option to say nothing and let the assumption ride; confirm their support; or request that their logo be removed, implying that they do not support marriage equality. Covdring way, these four brands asked to coveribg their logos removed. Just let us know. This is all about transparency.

Whether shamed or exposed in the name of transparency, do you think these brands want to purposefully distance themselves from marriage equality? Sound off in the comments. Subscribe walpedt Queerty for a daily dose of chick-fil-a corporateequalityindex exxon stories and more. The right, and the media with their advertising puppet covvering have coverkng a masterful job of elevating corporations to the realm reserved for stupid peoples deities.

The whole thing is inherently and deliberately dishonest: using logos in that manner especially with the knowledge which nobody can truthfully claim not to have that they will be distributed away from the site explaining their origin is equivalent to spreading a false quote. They ARE free to take a position. And we are of course free to relay their position to others and shop or not shop there as we choose.

Why is it that THEY can do what they want, but us disagreeing with them is somehow verbotten? That is the same argument people like Rick Perry coverjng to use. Why bother to force it down their throats? This is life not a porno film. If they support gay marriage, fine. If not, who cares? WE are here and we are not leaving, sooner or later they will have to accept that fact and deal with it.

Of course there will always be people that pit us, blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Whites, and every other ethnicity on the planet. Just bought the wood speaker from Urban Outfitters…it is great!! My point is that they should also be free NOT to take a position, salpert free to take their position, if they take one at all, in pu time and manner of their choosing. Exxon speaks for itself. I have boycotted the company since I was in college. And what would one ccovering from Walmart, which has been spawning so many walmartians for years, or Chickfilet, which has been long known as a homophobic company.

I prefer to acknowledge the support of those companies that ACTIVELY stand with us; such as those who have been pro-equality and have courageously or shrewdly stood up to say so. Wxlpert is essentially a hard ufx markets forex peace army review tactic meant to force companies to agree or disagree with the current swell of support for gay marriage.

Covering a put option 2 walpert say if we have to force them; then we already know where they stand; apathy, cowardice or disagreement. And to that note, I implore people with the luxury ocvering choice to use it. Put your money with those companies who have shown our community support, real support; whenever you can. And avoid those who actively stand against optuon. But we can persuade them. That is, if these corporations truly believe in their homophobic opinions, they should have no problem with success in forex trading download opinions being advertised over and over and over again, and they should stand by them.

If the companies have anti-gay policies, then it hardly matters what they do about the logo. I work for Walmart and have walpetr for nearly 25 years now. We have a very active LGBT group that is working with the executive leadership on LGBT issues. This group was started in the Bentonville home office covering a put option 2 walpert 9 years ago and we have recently started LGBT resource groups covering a put option 2 walpert our eCommerce office in San Francisco, in our UK office and looking to see how we expand this more.

This is a slow process but it has been moving in the right direction. Walmart, like a lot of America, is very conservative and like society it takes time to change opinions and attitudes. Being gay in the organization has never been an issue for me or several of my LGBT friends that covefing also been with the company for many years. I have been out at work for nearly 20 years which includes time working in the stores, home office and abroad.

Overall I believe in our company and the contributions that we do make to society. I also understand the frustration that the general public sees with our company which is why we are diligently working from the inside to help make changes. Hit them where it hurts…in their pocketbooks. I always say: If in douet; Chicken Out! I can live without buying anything they sell. Boycott is a big word. I do believe the Walton family has done that repeatedly, as has the nasty chicken place and others.

I do spend my money according to my belief system. But the only thing that makes these and all large corporations move forward is that they feel it in there pocket. And wslpert as consumers it is the only way we really can make a difference and make them changer there minds for good. I am the founder of malelifepartner. I have worked for WalMart for 12 years after leaving the homophobic field of public education in Missouri.

Each WalMart store follows all local, oprion, state, and federal laws as they walpertt LGBT issues. WalMart has had covering a put option 2 walpert on the Board of the LGBT American Chamber of Commerce. The partner of a WalMart worker can be issued a discount card, just like an actual married spouse. Yes, your local WalMart may not roll out the rainbow carpet for the lgbt community…but that just means your local store has a fauxmerican, homophobic little prick pption a store manager. Get the Queerty App.

By Les Fabian Brathwaite March 29, at am. Add a Comment March 29, at am. March 29, at pm. I fully agree with you. How can you possibly not see the difference? I think we should spread the word, as was done with Chickfilet. March 30, at am. I will never buy gasoline from Exxon ever again. How is Shell or BP? March 31, at am. March 31, at pm. Why buy any of their shit anyway??. April 1, at am.

Love is the answer. Free of an agenda except that gay one. Colton Haynes Gus Kenworthy Nick Jonas Nico Tortorella Vovering Dimarco Pietro Boselli Russell Tovey Zac Efron. Donald Trump Homophobia Coming Out Rupaul's Drag Race Marriage Equality Religion Relationships Grindr. GayCities: Cvoering best of what's happening in:.

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