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Naval architects are primarily responsible for the ship design, including the form, structure, and stability of hulls. They also examine phenomena such as political or cultural structures and study the physical and human geographic characteristics of regions ranging in scale from local to global. They also oversee a staff of training and development specialists. Department of Education Give me a call at

The thought of careeg student: He is now studying in 12 th standard. Final exams of 12 th standard is nearly going to over. He concentrates on his study during the examination period and do not diverse his mind in thinking about his career after 12th. He has qualified the 12 th examination. First you career options in computers used in hospitals counsel yourself.

Suppose that; You have chosen PCM group or PCB group or Commerce or Arts in 12 th standard. It means you have chosen your area of interest. Do not surprise or tense. You have done your best. But yes, off course, if you wish career options in computers used in hospitals change your field for higher studies, you can go through many options according to your interest. A student having PCB or biology in 12 th standard can pursue his further study in medical, pharmacy, science research and all art group fields.

It covers complete information about computer and computational processes. It is one of the sought branches of engineering. It provides good career opportunity for the science students. The popular work fields in CSE are database management, networking, core programming, web designing and software development. Ocmputers Engineering Civil engineering is one of the oldest and reputed fields of engineering. In simple words, it means the use of physical and scientific principles for the overall development of the society, of which physical structures is an integral part.

It howpitals knowledge and art that directs human power in development for the convenience of human beings. The work fields are construction companies, city planners, mega builders etc. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest disciplines of engineering study. It involves the design, maintenance, analysis and manufacturing of mechanical system.

There are lots of job opportunities in this field. You can work in production, manufacturing, development and service industries as an engineer in various domains. Electrical Engineering Electrical engineering is very popular field of engineering. It provides the knowledge of distribution and utilization of energy that runs our world. ECE is an interface of information technology and chip level hardware. It provides the knowledge of electronics devices and software application.

All telecom and software industries are the work fields for the ECE engineers. It has a good job opportunity in private and government sector. There are job opportunities in the field of animal husbandry, pollution control, disease research, development of medicine and pesticides. It leads the knowledge of electrical engineering and electronics engineering in one domain.

It deals with the generation, use and storage of power and energy. The work fields are all industries related to the power and electronics devices. Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Engineering is one of the best paid engineering fields. It includes the study of the machines which moves in the earth and in the space. You can work with the government and private aviation manufacturing, research and testing industries. Agricultural Engineering Agricultural Engineering is one of the reputed engineering branches.

It provides the knowledge of technology which involves agricultural development and research. An agriculture engineer can work with agriculture research lab, agricultural enterprises, and botanical research lab and soil industries. Petroleum Engineering Compurers Engineering is the emerging field of engineering study. Petroleum engineering deals xareer the production, exploration and understanding optionss natural gas and crude oil. It is a good paid engineering discipline. A petroleum engineers can work with the drilling plant, rigs, petroleum industries, petroleum refineries and related organizations.

It is one of the most popular branches at present. Food technology involves the process of manufacturing and preservation of foods. It also involves the research in food science. You carerr work with the food MNCs and packaging industries as food inspector, quality manager, food auditors and production manager. Textile Engineering Textile Engineering deals with the principles to control and design of fiber, apparel process, textile and products.

It is one of the top positioned engineering branches. Textile computters also involves the man-made and natural material, material — machine interaction, health conservation, waste and pollution control and safety. Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering deals with the operation and development of the process for chemical and production of related substances.

It is one of the good paid engineering fields. Chemical engineering involves the design, supervision, installation of equipments, workers and plant in related field. It is the combination computes chemistry and engineering to solve the problem in chemical production. Management Management is one of the highly job oriented career field. It is one of the most popular field among the students. Management involves regulation and maintenance of overall functioning and administration of an organization.

Management field provides responsible, challenging and respectful position to an aspirant who wants to work in the corporate environment. BBA is a business oriented course which helps the students in understanding the basics of business and overall management process. The students can choose this course after class 12th, if they want to make their career in the management field.

The students can work in management firms, business organizations and IT companies. MBA - Master of Business Administration Business administration is one of the most challenging and respected job fields. It involves the planning, strategy, implementation, policies, design, administration, maintenance, control and structure of any business. It provides an individual an opportunity to showcase his talent in the corporate field and offers handsome salary as per the caliber of the individual.

After the completion of this course, the candidate can choose the corporate sector, IT industries, manufacturing units, various corporations, and global industrial world. Marketing Management Marketing management is the oldest discipline of management study. It is the one of the highly job oriented specialization of management. It involves the market strategy, market availability, product compatibility, market research and market economy of the business and product.

By the growing technology and computerization, digital market is also the simultaneous part of the marketing field. There are lots of opportunities to work with various manufacturing industries. Finance Management Finance management is one of the challenging specializations in the field of management study. It is one of the famous management fields among the commerce students in India.

Finance management involves the resources, expenditure and balance of the economy and capital for an organization. Finance department is the back bone of any industry and finance analysts, finance executive, finance manager and finance officer play vital role in an organization. Human Resource Careee Human resource management is another popular specializations in the field of management study. Human resource manager cafeer with the workers and employees of the company. The HRM plays the crucial role in facilitating and monitoring the connectivity of workers, training of employees, their salaries, issues, benefits, allowances and recruitment of new employees.

It is a very responsible field. HRM manager can be hired in any organization wherein the manpower works. International Hospiyals Management Today, the business scenario is not limited up to the national boundaries. The business is now conducted globally across the nation boundaries. Due to the rapid rise in the global business, the demand of the professionals is increased in various MNCs and reputed organizations who are looking to conduct their business globally.

International Business management is becoming a popular specialization among the students day-to-day. It provides the opportunity to work with the global market. This field pays career options in computers used in hospitals salary to the deserving candidates who have excellent communication skills and are ready to work in a challenging environment. Operation Management Operation management is a wide and broad specialization of management study.

It optioms some more specialization as HRM, marketing, retail, event and IB. It involves the study and managing method of an operation or operating plant. It helps in developing the leadership quality, methodology and managerial skills in a proactive candidate. The candidate having degree in operation management can work with any organization in any field. Event Management Event management deals with the planning and organization of events that may include parties, ceremony, festival and competition.

An event manager can work where any gathering will going to be planned. It is one of the growing and demanding specializations in management field. It not only provides the good job opportunity in an organization but also helps in establishing a self-business. Retail Management At present, retail industries are growing worldwide. There are many plazas, malls, shopping world, multiplexes and shopping centers around us.

It is becoming a different world of our needs. Retail management deals with the management, storing, logistics and customer satisfaction. Computerd field is a vastly growing field and having huge employment opportunities. Various international retail industries are demanding the qualified graduates in the same field. Medical Career options or courses after 12 th in medical field is one of the most asked queries among the students.

The medical field is one of the respectable, challenging, responsible, top paid and highly job oriented fields in India. Often, the main motive of most of the students behind choosing Biology after 10th standard is to hopsitals a well qualified Doctor; but this field offers a vast number of career opportunities other than MBBS Doctor. Career options in computers used in hospitals major working areas in the medical fields are healthcare industries, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and research laboratories.

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery is the most popular and designated degree of doctors. The doctor is also treated like a God or life-saver in India; hence it is one of the most respectful profession in India. This field is always been an evergreen field in the medical history. BDS BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery is the only educational and professional programme for dental surgery. The BDS degree is equivalent to an MBBS degree but works in a different domain. In medical educational field, this is the second choice of the students after the MBBS course.

In this course, the comptuers are taught about the denture, dental problems and dental surgery. Hsopitals is also a good job oriented caeeer and vast jobs options are available in hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries. BAMS BAMS Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is the doctoral degree and can be done after the 12 th Science Biology. It is the bachelor degree in Ayurveda. It is also one of the sought courses after 12 th among the science students having biology.

It is equivalent to the MBBS degree programme. The ayurvedic medical treatment is growing in India. There is heavy demand of ayurvedic graduates in hospitals and in ayurvedic pharmaceutical industries. BHMS BHMS Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery is the doctoral degree and can be done after the 12 th Science Biology. It is the bachelor degree in Homeopathy. Beside MBBS and BAMS, it is also one of the popular courses after 12 th. It is equivalent to the BAMS degree programme.

The homeopathic treatment is one the oldest treatment adopted from the ancient time. There is heavy demand of homeopathy graduates in hospitals and homeopathic pharmaceutical industries like SBL, schwabe, etc. BUMS The science biology students who are interested in Unani Medical Science can go for BUMS Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery course after 12th. It is the bachelor degree.

Unani medical treatment is one of the ancient medical treatment. Beside, BHMS and BAMS; it is also one of the reputed medical field after 12 th and equivalent to the BAMS degree programme. There is a heavy demand of Unani graduates in hospitals and in homeopathic pharmaceutical industries like Hamdard, charak etc.

Nursing The main motive of this educational programme comluters to produce the qualified and expert nursing professionals. Nurses are the members of the health care team. In this programme, the students are taught about the nursing and cure methods and techniques. After the completion of this course the candidate are free to work with hospital hospirals healthcare organizations.

Physiotherapy Physiotherapy is the therapy that helps carewr rehabilitate the temporary disable people. It is a non-medicine or surgery therapy. The concept of the physiotherapy is to recover the temporary disability by physical exercise. It is a good job oriented professional field. You can go for the job in hospitals or can do the private practice. Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy is the therapy that helps to rehabilitate the emotionally and physically challenged people.

This therapy helps to make the life enable for such people. It is also a non-medicine or surgery therapy. The concept of the Occupational Therapy is to recover the emotional and physical disability by counselling and some practices. Medical Lab Technician In every science and medical field, there exists a lab.

In this course the students are taught about the analysis of medical test, microbiology, instrumentation and hsed other areas related to medical field. Science The students having science group in 12 th standard have a choice of wide range of courses. The biggest advantage of science students is that, they can go in any field of their choice. The most popular career fields for the science students have already been caareer above, but here we are also listing some other popular fields for science students.

The students who wish to continue with the traditional science field can go for the B. Sc Hons degree after 12th Science. After the completion of this course, there are various job opportunities in both private and government sectors. Pharmacy Pharmacy is one of the most popular courses after 12 th science.

There is a heavy requirement of well-qualified pharmacists in our hospitals, colleges and pharmaceutical industries. This programme has the compyters job surety rather than others. It is the oldest method for cure and prevention of diseases in the world. At present, it is not only popular in India but also growing rapidly across the world. Its study involves the use of medical treatment by using natural substances and herbal medicines.

Dairy Technology Dairy Technology is the separate branch after 12 th science. It is a big field of educational study. It covers the technology that is used in the production, manufacturing, quality analysis, and research of dairy products. Optlons graduate in dairy technology has the opportunity to work in dairy industries like Amul, Parag, Param, Mother Dairy and other food industries. The other advantage of this course is that, it helps an individual in establishing his own business.

Biotechnology Biotechnology is the emerging field of science. It is one of the rapidly growing field that uses both biology and technology to develop the highly advanced medical products like drugs, medicines and medical career options in computers used in hospitals. It is a respectable and responsible job oriented field. BCA BCA Bachelor of Computer Application is one of the popular degree in computer caeer.

It helps in understanding the basics of computer programming, networking and database base. It is the gateway for the top job oriented MCA degree programme. The students are taught about the computer and computational process through this course. After the completion of this course you can go for the IT industries, application development industries and software development companies. Commerce Commerce is an essential part of the business that covers the economical part of the social, legal, technological and political aspects.

It involves the activities of exchange the goods, money and comphters between the companies and persons. It has a few fields of specializations but very demanding and challenging. The commerce is a gateway for the finance and accounts world for all corporate sectors. The CA, CFA and CS are the professional job oriented courses after 12 th Commerce.

The Bachelor of Commerce B. Com is a degree course done by a large number of students after their class 12th. Com degree gives you complete overview of overall business scenario, this includes buying and selling of goods, also helps in understanding the underlining principles of accounts and economics. The career options in computers used in hospitals can opt this field if they wish to make their future in finance, accounts and management.

CA Chartered Accountant Chartered accountancy was established in in Britain. It is the core activity of the business. A CA is the member of ICAI Indian Chartered Accountants Institute and deals with the financial management and cageer out the financial audits. A CA works as a private advisor for an organization. After the completion of this course you can go for the work as auditing, cost accounting, tax management, management accounting, consultancy and CA can also work in an industry.

CS Company Secretary Company secretary deals with the legal activities of any business. It is a corporate professional course. The role of a company secretary is to keep the records, advice, tax returns and evaluate the legal aspects of the organization. This course contains the three levels as foundation, executive and professional course. It is one of the eminent courses after 12 th commerce. The students having art or science can pursue the CS course.

This field provides a lot of career oriented courses that a student can pursue with any stream in class 12th. This field provides interesting and unique career options to the students of their choice. This field overlaps various another fields like computer, management and law. This field has good job and business oriented courses. Movie, media, animation, cultural art, choreography, painting, photography and cooking are some of the best options that a student can choose after class 12th.

Law is the basic part of our constitution. It is the only degree course provided in India in legal education. It is one of the most popular courses among the large number of students. Law course provides the complete information about our law and constitution. It covers the civil litigation, legal analysis and document drafting. After the completion of this course the candidate can go for the private practice in court.

You can be a part of juries and can play a role as the public prosecutor. After some experience one can also start his own consulting firm. If you have creativity and skills then this field can provide your ample opportunities. Animation involves creation of objects with computer graphics whose movement or shapes changes continuously.

It works on the principle of displaying simultaneous frames in a ij span of time. The most popular courses are 2D and 3D animation. After the completion of this course, you can be a part of movies making, ad making companies, animation and cartoon industries and various other digital works. Fashion Technology By the modernization of the world, the fashion is an integral part of our daily life.

The trend in fashion is changing with the advancement of human culture. Various industries have been established for this purpose only. There is a great demand of fashion experts; not only in India but also in yospitals. Fashion study covers the design, fabric, texture, quality of fashion goods, manufacturing process and creativity. Fashion is not only means the wearing but also means the wearing and makeup. This is one of the famous courses among the students who are creative and want to contributes to the rapidly changing fashion industry.

Visual arts Visual art means the creativity which can be seen by eyes or senses. It is also defines as the decorative form of art. This aspect of art covers various small and big courses. It involves the study in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, conceptual art, architecture, weaving and fabrics. It is a branch of applied arts which have wide scope and career opportunities for the arts students. Literary arts Literary art is a branch of fine arts.

It is famous among those students who are creative, imaginative career options in computers used in hospitals can convert their imagination and career options in computers used in hospitals into textual form. The students career options in computers used in hospitals are interested in writing, can choose the career in literary arts. This aspect of art includes poetry, novel-writing, short stories, epics, writing and script writing.

You can choose the career as a writer and publisher. Performing art is the part of fine arts. It involves all the activities and studies related to the music, theatre, dance, singing, acting, comedy, direction, choreography, editing and martial optinos. It is the basis educational study for ones who wish to make their career in the career options in computers used in hospitals un entertainment industry.

Anyone who wish to fly in the sky and server the people with smile this career can fulfill their dream. Aviation and hospitality management cover the ground and air courses of air hostess and flight steward. The course of aviation and management is full of glamor and attitude. After the completion of this course you can go for the hospitality organizations, airlines industries and many hotel industries. There are a lots of opportunities to work within or after the completion of the course as a manager or executive.

It is a professional work in service sector. It involves the management of desk, services, kitchen, catering, bar and hospitality. Chef is one caeeer the popular specializations in catering. After the completion of this course the students are generally employed in the hotel industries, cruiser ships and can even start their own business. Mass communication Mass communication covers the fields of media, journalism, films and ads. It involves professional degree and diploma course and provides good job opportunities in im fields like journalism, anchoring, news channels and tv shows.

You can go for the media, news reading, editing, journalist, surveyor, social works and many related computefs. The scope of mass communication is increasing everyday with the growing scenario of media popularity. Languages By the globalization of career options in computers used in hospitals and employees, the trend of academic courses in languages study hospitaos been boomed. It is one of the job-oriented courses chosen by the students after 12 th.

The students who wish to hosptials this course, they have to select the language of their choice. Wish you all the best for your future! If have any doubt about the above courses, you can submit your questions below: Can you plc help me to slect a good job oriented course i have completed bba but. Im intrested in airport section i had just finish my 12board exam. I am in the 2nd year of B. But i am not regular to college. What type of computer course should i do.

I am a science student and I wnt to read b. But between this gap of 1 year,i want to read something prospective. To be a gynecologist qualifing neet is compulsory or what? I also want to know the salary of botny. I am studying 12 std. I took maths with computer science as my group. I am totally o;tions what I do after 12 studies. I thought to go with b. I am only person to take over my family from poverty. Which field is best???

And suggest me please…guide me to bright my future…. Hai completed 12th arts group with computer help me choose which course i can take in collage and their value. Will not be published.

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