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While CS shadows many different jobs. I have a nephew who is 38 and retired from MS as an individual contributor last year launched Windows cmoputer and out of there. Computer Engineering vs Computer Science? My father is an accountant I now have a nice tech job that provides me the income to be able to invest to make even more loot.

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Not finding help here? Sign up for a free 30min tutor trial with Chegg Tutors. Join Physics Forums Today! The friendliest, high quality science and math community on the planet! Everyone who loves science is here! Page 1 of 2. Computer beats human champ in ancient Chinese game. Why do accountants earn so much for the relative simplicity compared to engineering of what they do? Honestly, isn't it not what you would consider a "thought-intensive" job?. There is a difference between being a book-keeper and being an accountant.

A good certified accountant is doing corporate taxes, estate planning, cross-border tax law, etc. Well, let me reword the question. Technology usually makes things more efficient. Thus if you make accounting routines more efficient maybe not fully automatedthen wouldn't there need to be fewer human resources accountants? In this respect, a career in computer science may be wiser than a career in accounting.

And yes there is less need for accountants to do the work. It is more like Law. The accountant makes sure that all the money is being allocated to the proper places according to a set of legal standards. A big difference in why they are paid so much is because they are Legally accountable for the financial reporting. If a program screws up than the IT guy might get fired, some profits will go down, or some other manageable problem. If an accountant screws up a financial report real bad, then they get sued for boatloads of money and the company pays big time.

But the field of computer science is science, and has nothing to do with accounting. Its a completely different field. Accountancy seems like a not-too-demanding 9 to 5 kind of job that pays lots of money. The same is not, generally, true about CS Just to throw my two cents in being an accounting major myself - not only is it more like Law than info pushing, like jmaat7 said, but because accountants spend considerably career options of computer science vs accounting time crunching numbers than in bygone years, the occupation has evolved to the point where personal communication abilities are just as crucial as the other aspects of the job.

There is a much more involved, face-to-face relationship between accountant and client now than there used to be, which is why approx. So another thing to consider is - how well do you communicate with others? Are you comfortable with public speaking, since you may be required to lay out financial info to a roomful of people? So it's not really a demanding job, it's just an occupation that's changed a great deal over the years.

So, what exactly are the most important skills required in order to become a successful accountant, with promotions here and there?. I'm guessing that MATH is not necessarily one of them? I guess you can say I'm a decent people-person, but I'm constantly looking to improve myself in this aspect. Have a sense of humor. They say that accountants can earn a lot Last edited by a moderator: Apr 24, at PM. I am a CPA. I came to this board because I'm interested in changing careers at 35 to something in science most likely a phd cs track.

Here is what you need to know about accounting:. If you make partner, the sky is the limit. But, the problem is that a lot of people don't make it because they aren't good enough, or they don't like it. Accounting is more of a mix of intelligence and WORK ETHIC because you will work your butt off at different points in this field. Accountants aren't just nerds crunching numbers. To be sucessful as you move up in the firm, you need to be able to successfully deal with clients.

And, EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT, is your ability to fraternize with the peers in your firm. The large firms are just like law firms: it's a good ol' boy network and is all about what fraternity you were in during college, and if you fit into the click these rules don't apply to small firms. To get rich, practice law or go into medicine. Same kind of work ethic, but more rewarding law, btw, is easier than becoming a cpa.

They want you to put as little into your projects as possible time wisebut yet bill as much as they can for it. They won't tell you this, but tis' true Do you mind me asking, what made you want to choose Computer Science, after many successful years of accounting?. Know someone interested in this topic? Share this thread via Reddit. Revamping Undergraduate Introductory Physics Laboratory. The Joy of Processing. PF Insight Scavenger Hunt 2.

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Nov 22,  · Torn between Computer Programming degree vs Accounting are we talking I.T vs. Accounting, or Computer Science vs Torn between Computer Programming degree vs. I would like to hear pros and cons about both careers. Computer science vs Accounting. Computer science and accounting are two very varied fields. May 03,  · you'll be able to customize options and Computer Science with a minor in accounting Work and Employment, 5 replies Accounting career.

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