World of Warcraft Might Let You Trade Gold for Game Time

Has anyone tried it by interrupting his Barrage with Scatter Shot instead? Hello,This is Solaria Bloodelf from Whisperwind and I tamed Skarr today at pm server time on June 30th. I'm gonna talk from a personal perspective here, this may not apply to you, because of that, please don't be rude. Silencing Shot his Barraged and survived 2 Fireballs. Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge his or her post, and we understand that; however, use of such words in the subject line does not help that come to pass. When will there be a map photo of his location up on here?

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This is the version of the WoW Token which the in-game buyer cor with gold to the AH receives. It cannot be re-sold on the AH or traded. Tjme can buy up to 10 of these per month per account. Strange enough, mousing over the icon in the 'Game Time' tab, that appeared after 6. Blizzard will set the price of the amount of gold required to buy a token, NOT the seller. Blizzard will also be the one who decides what is the proper cost of gold in game for the token region wide and Blizzard will be solely responsible for raising and lower the price periodically, region by region.

The seller will gor the token at a fixed cost in dollars and sell the token in game for a fixed cost of gold. No bartering and each token will be the same cost in gold. The token is also Bind on Pickup so cannot be resold. A very fkr Auction House item! People will choose who to buy Wwrcraft from just from your character's name or you pleading on the trade channel. Perhaps people will do GGold to the buyer like giving them some of the gold back to them, a discount if you would.

Perhaps it will be strictly FIFO- First in, first out and folks must buy the top line item. Or alphabetical, so Aardvark will sell his token first. Maybe there will be no names at all and a random order of which buyer is at the top of the list my personal preference. Also, it would be nice if the token did not sell in 3 months or so fro Blizz to give a refund to the person and remove the token. I will not say for certain, but there should be reason to belive that this is an April fools joke.

With only 20 minutes until April 1st, only time will show. Edit My idea Mignt that they've built this up for a while now, and they've just made the own little tab on the auction house to build up the suspension and the illusion that the token is right around the corner. Hope they become avaible before April 15 : Comment by Neza I am starting to belive this is just an item blizzard have implemented to make people keep paying for their subscription while the mathematics of options trading for the momment this releases.

They will probably drag out the time as long as they can. Currently, the WoW Token was announced to be released and openly available on April 7, For those who play Runescape, this is very similar to the "Bonds" system. They put a 60 second "cooldown" on buying the Token through the AH UPVOTE Trace COMMENT FOR CAKE Comment by Bazler. It appears you need to be higher than level 1 to purchase a token. Tokens can not be placed in your bank, BUT you can swap a bag from your bank with one of your regular bags then place the token where you want and swap the bag with the token into the bank.

Update: Doing this then logging off will place the tokens back in your inventory, or if your inventory is full place them in a limbo inventory bag until they find one to fill. This WoW Token is different from that WoW Token. You cannot resell a token you have purchased on the AH. You can only sell one that you bought with real money. I imagine Blizz is doing this to avoid people "flipping" tokens. Theres no special exception for this item, even though the other one is BoP.

What happens if you have these tokens on a character above level 20 and your game time expires? Would you need to pay for a month in order to access these in-game? If you can play characters lower than level 20 on a frozen account, then that Yo be another excuse to purchase these on a low-level alt. This is the only Soulbound item in the game that you can post on the Auction House.

The Auction House also does not take a cut of your sales on this item. If you are a past subscriber and wanting to resubscribe, you can with a Wxrcraft, well technically with gold. Your Wofld will have reverted back to an "starter account. When you get to the character selection screen, just click on one of your characters and you will be prompted to pay current gold market price for 30 days game time.

If your character is under 20 just click the reactivate button and you will be prompted as well. I was able to buy game time with my level 3. Obviously you will already need to have that amount in your account, but this makes it quick and easy to "re sub" without having to buy game time with IRL monies, just use the gold you have and good luck. According to Mgiht blue post, players living in EU are not and will not be able to purchase a WoW Forex market trading trade express from the Golf if they play on an US server.

It seems you can only have 10 of these on Gamr account at any given time. Not sure if this is the 10 per month limit, will see in 20 days. It won't let me buy more than 10 however, I know it says 10 somewhere but I assumed that meant people BUYING Traed with real money, ie no more than 10 per month. Would be nice if someone could clarify this.

I have no intention of using my tokens yet, since I'm World of Warcraft Might Let You Trade Gold for Game Time a break for months and not going to waste a few tokens. I have 10 fo these unused on my Warcratt that I bought from the auction house. I am no longer able to buy more for the time being. Fog not 10 on the same character, one character has 6 and a level 20 character has 4. I really don't want to use a token up since I'll be taking WWorld break the coming month, but would be nice if someone with experience could answer the question, please.

Gonna answer an important question that I had up until a few minutes ago and doesn't seem to be answered anywhere else: if your game time lapses and a character you currently cor no access to has a WoW Token in their bags, you WILL be given the option to use it from the character select screen. World of Warcraft Might Let You Trade Gold for Game Time have to worry about sending money to a or-lower character and having Gme buy Migt beforehand.

While the US version keeps dropping in gold value, the EU one keeps getting more expensive. Blizzard should lower Euro cost to buy the token to increase supply in-game. Here are some websites that I use to keep track of the price and for viewing historical price. WoW Token Info wowtoken. Quick question: Can i stack game time via WoW Tokens?

If yes: would it give me days of G. This item should be BOA. Instead it's soulbound to whichever character buys it on the AH. There seems to be if pricing information here. Anyone who has been using the wow token to get back into the game in April has noticed the price stabilize over the past week here in mid May last week. Now the spread is suddenly Warrcraft since the past week, even in the middle of the week when the spread was highest.

I'm not sure if Blizzard changed World of Warcraft Might Let You Trade Gold for Game Time algorithm, but worldwide the prices have stabilized, and anyone who plays the ah knows price volatility makes money. I know there wasn't always a token available for purchase when WWarcraft price was 19k, but that was part of the risk vs reward. I want to know if Blizzard stabilized the prices, or if there are just so many people using the token now the lack of spread is natural and with us until the end of world of warcraft.

At what point did they think that was a good idea? Once you reach this limit you are NOT allowed to buy any more wow tokens from the auction house it'll give you an too oc error. I assume more and more Warcrwft will reach this cap eventually and it should be interesting to see how that affects prices. It probably won't since it's so far down the road.

This is the GM response for those wondering: Greetings X, I'm Game Y and I'm contacting you about your wow tokens. The previous ticket mentioned what does put option volume increases mean weiner cap of 10 tokens per week rolling, which would have reset on the 13th. However, it did not account for the amount of tokens you've activated as game time on your account. I checked up on this and you've activated 34 tokens, and have days of game time remaining expiring March 24, At this stage it Tie not be possible for you to purchase more tokens until you have a little bit less time left.

We don't have any exact numbers for how many days of time you can have activated through tokens. My guess is they set it to 1, days, not expecting it would be much of an issue and that only a few players would reach that amount of days. For now, what I'd suggest is you wait a bit, perhaps two weeks until you're below 1, days left and then see if you can add another token if you still feel you need it. If you have any questions, regarding this or anything else, don't hesitate to contact us again.

Good luck out there. Isn't Blizzard suppose to be against RMT for gold? WoW Tokens that add gametime do not stack. And they cannot Tome put into your bank. For long-time storage it may be advisable to spend gold cor instead of possibly facing inflated prices later consider using a dedicated character. I don't understand why it costs ca. For example, My account is on the EU servers, but my current country of residence is in New Zealand.

This ofr me from buying a Token off the store for real money, as my "currency" is different than what should be used on the EU store. Setting my country of residence back to Norway would fix this. Here is a link from a blue confirming this! I didn't see anyone make a post related to this, so hopefully I'm not missing one. I did see some posts on similar topic: Gonna answer an important question that Mighf had up until a few minutes ago and doesn't seem to be Ypu anywhere else: if your game time lapses and Timee character you currently have no access to has a WoW Token in their bags, you WILL be given the option to use it from the character select screen.

What happened to the WoW Token feature? I tried to purchase one today, told me "Try again later? FYI if you buy a token and do not retrieve it in 30 days, it will resend rather than expire Trdae to one GM. I did Ttade on a on a "pure starter edition" not a merged or a veteran account. Despite the recent stacking and storage improvements.

If you're still Trave on bagspace on that character you bought it on, you can safely keep the token in your mailbox. I have not tested Glod multiple tokens and whether or not your account will recognize that you have a Tradee in your mailbox. So this is more aimed for people who purchase multiple, I would recommend keeping one in your bag just in case the character selection still prompts you to buy one with gold instead.

First and foremost though Ler like to apologize for the trouble this has caused you. I also find it aggravating when things do not work they way they should. So I can feel Warcradt frustration seething through on something like this. You don't have to worry about the foor expiring here. WoW Tokens are set to resend themselves after 30 days so that they never expire. You shouldn't have best canadian options trading platform jellies able to buy one and you shouldn't even be able to carry this much gold on a Starter account.

We don't have a way to help you until the account is upgraded to a full license as we can't reverse an Auction House purchase and even if we could we can't give you Lef Gold as you're way over the cap of what a Starter account can have. You could then get your Token and claim it for another 30 days. Once you've upgraded this though we can help make sure you Trsde the Token if for any reason it's not in the mailbox still. I hope this helps answers your concern, and wish you well.

It's still cheaper to WWarcraft gold online and get a token than it is to pay the subscription price. I have two wow accounts on my BNET account and hit the 36 token Go,d 2 years purchase limit back in July My tokens finally ran out a couple months ago and I had to pay money to renew my accounts. Every once in a while I try to fo another token for giggles, and it just gives me the "You have too many of this item" error even though I don't have any in my account at all. My hope has Worlr that with allowing the exchange of wow tokens for BNET balance that the limits would be loosened or removed.

I tried to purchase a token when 7. Today, however, only 18 months after I maxed out my 36 token purchase limit and still less than two years from the introduction of the tokenit let me buy two more tokens. I haven't purchased any more than the two, but it isn't Warccraft me an error. It looks like there are some unpublished changes to the token Wkrld. Known Issue: Miscellaneous - If a WoW Token is left in the mail for more than 30 days, it will become hidden God the player for Wirld weeks before it appears back in their bags.

I'm gonna talk from a personal perspective here, this may not apply to you, because of that, please don't be rude. Currently, I have no idea about EU servers, since our currency in Battle. Net -usually- is Euro. And I'm a firm believer that this will open a huuuuuge can of worms. I, personally, live in Turkey, we use Turkish Lira as currency. For example, 1 US Dollar is around 3. Because of these two currency rates, and I'm a university student which means I almost never have enough money to buy me some food, I cannot afford buying gametime via using real money.

And in fact, I had to stop playing for a couple of months and save up some money so I can Wqrcraft buy a month of gametime to play. When they first introduced this Migh, I was thrilled that I would be able to play WoW no matter what. I'm a gatherer and crafter, so I made enough golds to buy a couple of months of worth gametime and my real money left in my pocket safely. Currently, US players Tine able to buy tokens for 63k or something like that while EU players almost pay double the amount, k.

There has to be made some equality to make this system work much better. I hated the first time I learned that I was paying double the amount what a US player pays and this makes me even more hateful that I'll be paying double the amount what a US player pays to acquire some sweet Battle. Edit 1: Wow, got really hateful feedback because of my PERSONAL perspective. Remind me next time that I should not share my thoughts. Can these be purchased with Battle. Before you think me stupid, I play on multiple servers and would like to be able to use this as a way to transfer money to my poorer servers.

Anyone know if there is a way to buy a wowtoken with gold with the purpose of converting it to b. View in 3D Compare Find upgrades Guide to Obtaining and Selling the WoW Token. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment:. Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Unsure how to post? Check out our handy guide! Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen.

Please review our Screenshot Guidelines before submitting! Simply tor the URL of the video in World of Warcraft Might Let You Trade Gold for Game Time form below. It maintains a WoW addon called the Wowhead Looterwhich collects data as you play the game! It uploads the collected data to Wowhead in order to keep the database up-to-date! Sign Up WoW Token Item Level 1 Binds when picked up Gae Adds 30 days of game time to your World of Warcraft account.

Item Level 1 Binds when picked up "Use: Adds 30 days of game time to your World of Warcraft World of Warcraft Might Let You Trade Gold for Game Time.

WoW Token Overview

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