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To open, click on "Tools" and select "MetaQuotes Language Editor," shown in Figure 18, or click on the mwtatrader icon in the toolbar. Trading Metatradre, stocks, futures and CFDs anywhere in the world 2 trading systems: traditional netting system metatrader 5 vs mt4 history the hedging option system Powerful trading system including Market Depth and all types of trading operations Full set of trade ordersincluding pending and stop-orders 3 chart types and 9 timeframes Built-in technical analysis tools: 30 indicators and 24 analytical objects Chat with registered MQL5. By choosing the most convenient way from a variety of options, you can trade 24 hours a day! This is a set of custom functions that is intended to store and distribute the same used parts of the program. For all of these users, we have created the largest community of traders, and we invite you also to join the MQL5. It is possible to lose all the initial capital invested.

FX Synergy is the ultimate trade management solution for MT4. Designed by professional traders looking for a better way to manage their trades using the MetaTrader platform. FX Synergy has all the functionality you need to successfully execute and manage your trades, without all the usual hassles. FX Synergy is packed with powerful and unique features, and is designed from the ground up to be quick and easy to use.

FX Synergy is one of a kind. No fiddling with different broker metatrader 5 vs mt4 history and losing time. FX Synergy is definately for any serious Forex trader. The interface is extremely user friendly and took me literally 10 minutes to get to grips with. I highly recommend FX Synergy to anyone. FX Synergy has been a revolution for me. It allows me to control my trades in a way that was not possible before. It allows me to execute decisions that I make within seconds.

FX Synergy just makes things easier, and is something I do not want to part from. Every trader should have this. I had been looking for a metatrader 5 vs mt4 history trade management tool for a long time since MetaTrader is a bit of a challenge. All is taken care of with FX Synergy! I absolutely recommend FX Synergy to all Forex traders as I think this software is the best trade management tool I have ever seen. FX Synergy is an outstanding piece of software for any trader, I only wish I had known about it earlier.

Before using this software I wasted so much time messing around with metatrader trying to manage my trades. After using FX Synergy my trading has completely turned around. FX Synergy is metatrader 5 vs mt4 history absolute must. I could not imagine ever going back and trading without all the benefits that this software provides. It has enhanced my trading and my equity balance is proof that it works.

Any trader out there who is serious about making money needs FX Synergy. As a money manager that caters strictly to institutional investors, FX Synergy brings the best in doing what we do on the MT4 platform. We would recommend FX Synergy for anyone that wants to manage several clients and different brokerages simultaneously on the MT4 platform. Nadine Lloyd - South Africa Frode Husbyn - Norway Main Features FX Synergy supports all MT4 brokers and any symbols they offer.

NinjaTrader and cTrader support is coming soon. Set your SL and TP in pips, select a lotsize or risk percentage and click Buy or Sell. On ECN accounts, the SL and TP is applied automatically after the order is placed. Don't waste any time trying to calculate the correct lotsize per trade. Just set the risk percentage you want, and FX Synergy automatically calculates and applies the correct lotsize on your trades. Connect up to 20 accounts at the same time. Trade them separately or at the same time with a single click.

Get a complete overview of all your trades in one place and manage them seemlessly. Group any number of accounts and trade them with a single click. Set individual risk and lot settings per account, using a fixed value, a multiplier, or automatically based on account equity. Get a much better overview of your trades by grouping them, even across multiple accounts with different brokers. Save time by easily managing all trades in the group at the same time.

Save time and pre-define your strategy, such as trailing stop and partial close, so it's automatically applied to all new orders. Assign different Presets to different accounts based on your strategy. Don't let news kill your trading. Automatically delete pending orders with your broker before a news announcement, and have them automatically placed again after the announcement. Automatically move or trail the stop on any order, using up to 5 levels of setting, including stepping.

Gradually move the stop with different settings depending on how profitable the order is. Automatically scale out of any order, using up to 5 levels of setting. Gradually close an order using different settings depending on how profitable the order is. Automatically reverse a trade if taken out at the stop, using up to 5 levels, with different lotsize, SL and TP settings for each level.

Get creative and setup the perfect stop reverse for your strategy. Automatically increase your position as the order gets into profit. Setup up to 10 different levels of scale in, each with different settings, and gradually open more orders completely hands free. Move your stops with a single click. Close or partially close any order with one click. Do the same with groups of orders with only metatrader 5 vs mt4 history clicks. Setup advanced trade copying between any number of accounts, using individual lotsize and risk settings per account.

Any new trades in the master account are automatically copied. Get the complete overview of your trading with comprehensive visual reporting. Which pairs are best. What days are worst. How much are you losing vs. Don't let your broker dictate how you trade. Using stealth mode you can place pending orders anywhere you like. Your broker won't see them until FX Synergy turns them into market orders. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Automatically grab screenshots of multiple timeframes when opening and closing trades. Review them later at any time. Don't let the market take you by surprise. Setup multiple price alerts directly on your charts, and have FX Synergy alert you before the market hits. Includes floating monitor for complete overview. Don't let news announcements take you by surprise. FX Synergy automatically imports the latest news announcements from Forex Factory and alerts you in advance. FX Synergy closes the order and opens a new one in the opposite direction with the same lotsize, SL and TP in pips.

Group orders and automatically close them all when the combined profit or pips reaches a certain level. Can also be used in reverse, to close orders if the profit or pips dips below a certain level. Group pending orders and automatically close the remaining orders in the group if one of the orders are activated. Works with stealth mode, and across multiple accounts and brokers as well. Group market orders and automatically close the remaining orders in the group when a certain order is closed.

Great for correlation trading, or making sure slave orders are closed with the master. Get notified of virtually all events, either via email or MT4 notifications directly on your mobile device. Select which events you want to be notified about and never miss anything while you are away. Use any networked device to remotely access FX Synergy via the built-in webserver, and monitor what's going on.

See all your trades, history, events, news announcements, price alerts, etc. Visually set SL and TP before placing a trade. Visually setup pending orders with entry, SL, TP, and FX Synergy will calculate the lotsize and apply trailing stop and partial close settings for you. Quixkly modify, close or partially close groups of orders. Easily modify the SL and TP of all orders in the group to a certain liquidity providers forex 4 live of pips from either market or entry, or use a specific price.

With FX Synergy you can setup extensive and individual settings per order. Using the clone feature, you can clone some or all settings from a single order to one or multiple orders. Prevent unauthorized access to FX Synergy by locking the trade console using a predefined password. This will prevent anyone from using FX Synergy while you are away. Great on a VPS. Set an individual expiry time on market orders, and FX Synergy will automatically close the order for you.

This is a great way of getting completely out of the market at the end of the week. Activate any pending order in 2 clicks. FX Synergy will instantly close the pending order, or group metatrader 5 vs mt4 history pending orders, and open a market order with the exact same settings as the pending order. FX Synergy shows you per order how many pips the market is from the SL and TP.

Get the complete overview on all your trades, and see how close each individual trade is from the SL and TP. Don't let MT4 dictate how and when you add comments on orders. With FX Synergy you can add, edit or remove comments on any order at any time. Comments even survive a partial close. See exactly how much you are risking per trade.

FX Synergy displays either risk amount or risk percentage per order. Watch as the risk increases or decreases as you modify your stops. Expiration time on pending orders are handy, but an expiration price is even better. Set the exact expiration price per order and FX Synergy will delete the pending order for you automatically. Don't let your broker dictate the rules for expiration time.

FX Synergy can manage the expiration time for you, using your local time, so your pending orders have no expiration time with your broker. Rick Thoennes - Minnesota, USA Garen Ovsepyan - Sharpe Sigma How many computers can I install FX Synergy on? FX Synergy is licensed per machine. You can move the license to another machine at any time, however you cannot run FX Synergy on multiple machines with a single license.

Does it work on a VPS? Any Windows VPS that supports. This includes Windows Server and later. How many accounts are supported? You can connect up to 20 accounts. Using the account group feature you can trade multiple accounts with a single click. What operating systems are supported? Any Windows version that supports. This includes Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and later. If you are on a Mac, you can run FX Synergy via Parallels without any issues. What trading platforms are supported? Currently, FX Synergy only supports MetaTrader 4.

We are working on adding support for MetaTrader 5, NinjaTrader, cTrader, JForex in Q1


FX Synergy is the ultimate trade management solution for MT4. Designed by professional traders looking for a better way to manage their trades using the MetaTrader. By Jean Folger. MetaTrader 4 is a trading platform developed by MetaQuotes Software for online trading in the forex, contract for differences (CFDs) and futures markets. MetaTrader 5 trading platform is a free Forex and stock trading tool.

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