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This Tent Calculatorr is designed to offer you a quick reference in determining how large a tent you'll need. For more information or calculatir more detailed estimate, please contact us. Most space planners feel that the most comfortable use of space is that the length is no more than 2 times the width. Providing North Jersey with the best service and quality well maintained rental equipment at good value prices for the last 50 years.

Phone: Fax: Email: info apartycenter. Total Square Footage Required. Event And Party Rentals. Coolers and Cold Bars. Activate JavaScript to access form. Tent Calculator - see how much space you need. Not sure how much space you need to accommodate your group? Our Space Planning Guide can help you choose which tent option is right calue you. Formal Dinner Style Seating. Casual Event Style Seating. Cocktail Event Style Standing.

Click each tent size to see tent image. Tent sizes are only recommendations and do not represent all sizes, styles, and designs available. For a custom tent size please contact our party consultants: Request a Price Brochure.

Put Option Calculator

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