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Every year we organize several conferences and tours for our Members. If it bounces then two possibilities one is a triangle second is an abc like the GBPUSD shown in weekly outlook. Breaking news sponsored by. Monthly Charts: Bull Market Top Forming. Today Week Month All time.

The pair, after reaching our BEARISH TARGET, has tracing a bullish harmonic structure waiting. On daily chart, you can expect to develop a pullback, before reaching resistance area. We will follow this pair on intraday aleander frame during the next two sessions Thank you for your support and trade with care!. Oxm for Growing a Small Trading Account. Hello traders, I'm back with another educational post after receiving a lot of positive feedback.

Today I'm going to provide you with five tips for growing alexander trading options xom small trading account!. Hi Guys, this is a continuation of the AUDUSD chart posted but since that one is very old link is below in related ideas i will continue with this one and update it here. Watch for a break of this corrective structure and a flag before any sell. If it bounces then two possibilities one is a triangle second is an abc like the GBPUSD shown in weekly outlook. This is my first publication using the Gann Square and Clones Combo.

There are two chart in the idea on the Left is Short Tading and on the Right is Long Scenario. This is valid till is not broken My basic Monthly, Daily, 4hr and 1hr chart analysis on the GBP. Although the analysis is very basic i will know more as we approach the Daily candle close this xoom Have a good day! Fresh supply zone ahead, possible retracement, a short opportunity.

EURUSD HITS DAILY 0. Hey Guys, The Recent Eur Rally push the. With my DXY and USDCHF idea, EURUSD may fall from this level So it's tradiing to open a eurusd trade if haven't long. TP: The GAP and Previous Low lptions. Looking for rrading entry. Contact me in PM to get stops and targets of this trade. Short EU for a reflection point on the blue channel And then maybe some wings. Fly like an eagle baby. That said, current bounce from Hi fellows i am anticipating strong bearish wave on this pair.

In case price break alexander trading options xom with impulse then it will change the tading formation of corrective flag. Not selling until bears manage to make a good break of the bold red line. Speculative traders can sell around It would be better to break lower before entering. AUDUSD shows big down move after the breakdown of the flat, it is corrective to reach B wave end price. You can sell now or wait for the break of the flag. Trade according to your strategy.

Have revised my Elliot Wave analysis of LTC, secondary downward wave formation is extended due optiions last nights chaos, pattern still looks very opfions however, on a technical level. The price is at the top of a channel and also at a major resistance level. You can wait for a good entry on h1 or alexander trading options xom and short it with a first tp at the gap level and a second one at the trendline.

If it breaks the trendline and creates a new low, then we will short this based on the flag. From 15 minutes to hourly. From hourly to daily. Daily and higher intervals. Today Week Month All time. Index of the non-financial companies listed on NASDAQ. The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index. The Nikkei Stock Average Index. Index of the 30 major German companies. Index of the listed UK companies.

US Dollar Currency Index. Light Crude Oil Futures. US Government Bonds 10 yr. German Government Bonds 10 yr. Japan Government Bonds 10 yr. UK Government Bonds 10 yr. India Government Bonds 10 yr. TP: The GAP and Previous Low. I want to watch ETH grow its second grading. As already mentioned yesterday, NZDUSD is on our radar screen as decline from April 19 high looks very strong, thus rtading impulse that can take us even lower as we need five wave fall from 0.

Short Term From 15 minutes to hourly. Medium Term From hourly to daily. Long Term Daily and higher intervals. From the creators of Yrading. Market data provided by ICE Data services.

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