Nos uncovered options trading system x vengeance

Binomial Option Pricing Model. Uncovered QQQ Options Signals. Click here to uncovefed an example of our signals. How much to invest. Options-Trading-System - NOS Uncovered Options - SPY. Nonqualified Stock Options Risk Statement: Naked options trading is very risky - many people lose money trading them.

Starting from AprilOTS has been working with closed pool of subscribers only. At the current moment we have limited number of subscribers and do not accept any more membership applications. You are welcome to submit your email below if you would like to receive our newsletters and be notified when we have subscription opened for public. Meanwhile we may recommend checking "NOS Signals" www.

The following is the statistical summary on signals generated to trade uncovered. QQQQ and SPY options. All results are based on trade. QQQQ Uncovered Options Signals. Uncovered QQQQ Options System Parameter. Past 3 Months Past 6 Months Past 12 Months. Accuracy of the system. Average return per month. Average return per trade. Total number of trades. Total number of winning trades. Total number of lost trades. Average number of trades per month. Average selling short price. Average Premium per 1 contract opt price x Average buying to cover price.

Average number of days to the expiration. Average number of days a position is opened. Number of days in cash. SPY Uncovered Options Signals. Uncovered SPY Options System Parameter. Disclaimer: The Information on the. Site is provided for information purposes only. Information is not intended to be and does not constitute. The trading of stocks. Trading may not be suitable for all users of this. Past performance is not necessarily an indication.

Options trading is very risky. Risk involved in all styles. You absolutely must make your own.


Highlight Investments Inc. NOS Uncovered Options Signals years of research our group of traders developed a simple and reliable "Naked Options Trading System ". The Naked Options Trading System is an options service that trades exclusively in selling naked options (nearly always puts) on the SPY and the QQQQ. QQQ Option trading stock market timing signals. Login: NOS Signals Statistics. Uncovered SPY Options System Parameter.

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