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There are currently 2 users browsing this thread. PC Hardware Troubleshooting and Assistance. Dell Error Code Page 1 of 2. Results 1 to 25 of Thread: Dell Error Code Subscribe to this Thread…. Join Date Mar My harddrive failed, I bought a new one and installed it about 4 weeks ago. Everything was fine, until I turned it on and it wouldn't start up, it keep cycling asking me if I wanted to start in safe mode or last good configuration, but would never startup.

I ran diagnostics and I got error code I have a Dell Inspiron E Upon looking up this code all I have found is that the harddrive failed. It is a new hdd, and nothing happened to it, or the last one for that matter. Could something internally be causing my harddrives to fail? Join Date Oct Location N of the S of Ireland. Brand new hard drives can and do fail immediately or after both short and very long periods of time.

HDDs don't like being jolted and because they contain electric motors they also don't like fluctuations in their power supply. It is not quite clear how or indeed if both your original and the current drive have completely failed. The current drive might have errors on it but you wouldn't even get the options to boot into safe mode etc if no access at all to the windows partition had been possible because of total HDD failure.

I would double-check that all connections are nice and tight particularly all SATA cables and any IDE molex connections and run a formal diagnostic on the hard drive with a utility available from most HDD manufacturers' not Dell who buy drives from other manufacturers websites. BTW, what make put options on stocks in play model is your HDD? Help to start using BiNG.

Thank you for the info! I can get around replacing hdds, ram or fans, but that is about my limit. My current drive is a Western Digital GB and my old one was a WD GB. The old one, I am sure died. I cannot remember the message anymore, but there was no doubt. I knew it was going, there were symptoms before it crashed. How do I test the harddrive? I saw the software on WD's site, but if the laptop won't start windows I can't download it there.

Can I buy something to connect the scorpion 2. WD should provide a Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS that supports your model. You can download a version that runs from a floppy or CD. You can alternatively remove the 2. If a SATA then it can be attached directly to a spare SATA slot on the mobo or if an IDE you could also use a 2. Join Date Nov Hiya People - I have successfully managed to fix this error. I too have experienced similar problem where for no reason our Dell Vostro laptop just stopped working without warning, no noises, no bumps, no spikes and no other significant identifiable reason to stop working.

Received the Blue Screen and after not being able to boot up in safe mode, or in safe mode with networking, or safe mode with command prompts. The Blue Screen came up with :. Also got error messages during diagnostics, however the above seem to be the common theme of many other peoples problems. After trawling through countless forums and numerous google combinations seeking info on this issue, no one seemed to be able to offer a solution to get the machine operational to be able to save data.

This is what I did after piecing together snippets of info from multiple websites and hours of frustration. As the machine boots up - it should have an option to hit F2 or F Hit the F12 key. This will give you the option of where to boot your machine from. For me windows loaded some files and gave me an option to either install windows or repair. I was then asked for the admin password -- typed it in. It brings you to a command prompt :. Hit the ENTER key. Once your machine has finished and repairing the hard drive, type EXIT and press ENTER to restart your laptop.

PRESTO THE Hp 8500 scan to computer no scan options valuation DELL LAPTOP IS NOW BOOTING UP AND IS NOW HAVING ALL ITS DATA BACKED UP. I have also found another command that could be tried if the above fails. Bear in mind, i didnt have to do it, but will post it here anyway. After the command prompt - type in FIXBOOT. According to the DELL website the error code is a Drive Self Test failed error code. This has worked out for myself and i do hope it works for you.

I am on my 3rd COUNT EM THIRD hard drive for a Dell Latitude d I am going to have to call these morons again tomorrow and tell them that the hard drive is going out again. It is how to use forex lot size down to a snail and giving the error code again! Luckily I have bought an extended warranty. The bad thing though is you have to spend another 3 hours on the phone convincing the idiots that it is bad again. My suggestion is if you are contemplating purchasing a laptop DO NOT, I REPETE DO NOT get an over priced Dell.

They are the highest and the most overrated product going. Dell has gone to hell in a hand basket. I have a piece of junk Toshiba I bought at Wall Mart on sale at Don't make a mistake and get a Dell Dude. Remember the hp 8500 scan to computer no scan options valuation all Dell you are making junk and I have had about enough of it and your customer service idiots that can barely speak English that want to know how many hairs you have on your earlobe before they take any kind of warranty action.

Hopefully I have just saved some of you some real headaches. Don't buy a Dell you will be sorry especially after what you have to pay for it. I have purchased a dozen or so Dell laptops over the past year or two. Only one needed an RMA for a fault that developed on a display about 6 months after purchase. It was collected, repaired and returned without any fuss all within about three days.

I actually think Dell have improved their act out of all recognition and my most regular fault with them is that if you order a machine on line you don't have any idea how long it will be before delivery. Join Date Feb Join Date Jan Now Fresh Install Your Windows And You Should Be Good To Go!!! I Had Same Problem And It Worked For Me. Dell Error Code on Blue Screen. I have Dell Inspiron with Vista. While the computer was automatically installing a Windows update while shutting down, the computer battery power went off.

On restarting and going thru the repair mode, hp 8500 scan to computer no scan options valuation this Dell Error code and message on Blue Screen. Called Dell to obtain Key for re-installing operating system if necessary to fix problem, but was informed that the Key is not necessary for the installation. Moreover, Dell informed that the error code signified that the Hard Drive had crashed and had to be replaced, and support would be provided at cost.

Followed dad rules ok's suggestion below on my computer and everthing was set up as before and back to normal. Goes to show how much Dell supports folks know Join Date Jul Location The frozen tundra, i. Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, a lot of the "technicians" on such support lines are working from scripts, and really have no great depth of knowledge. That's not to say they're all like that; I've had the good fortune to work with some people who'll think outside the box and really work a problem.

Unfortunately, a lot of these places are performance-driven due to the number of calls they handle, rather than the quality of service they provide. That's why it's always nice to see a forum like this where like-minded people will share their knowledge and help others. Join Date Apr I have tried to use your suggestion below but when I put in the disk for my OS I do not get the repair option Originally Posted by dad rules ok.

Join Date Sep It's more likely an electronic than a mechanical failure. As for the rest, Maxtor never shipped 2. Forex trading affiliate programs y and Toshiba both do make 2. Chances are you've a Seagate or a Samsung drive. Bottom line: you need to replace the drive. Join Date Aug Join Date Dec Big thanks to "dad rules ok". It took about 2 hours but all is well now, good as new! SO, ANOTHER WAY TO START FROM DISK?

B running the scan disk option by getting the page option of normal start up and press TAB. C The memory diagonistic tool setup might also give you the accurate problem detal if UNSOLVED. Dells use F2 to enter the BIOS setup. The BIOS is OS independent and so has nothing to do with WinXP versus Win7 having been installed per se other than Win7 is more likely to have native drivers for AHCI SATA mode.

You haven't actually specified which option is being suggested to swap. If the option does relate to SATA drives it is probably to do with AHCI versus native SATA and swapping these on a drive that already contains a running operating system can result in non-bootability and even, on occasions, to data loss. I didn't have the CD however so I booted it in safe mode and then. My Daughters laptop is doing this same thing. She had the hard drive replaced last year and doesn't think she has a disk.

She bought another laptop, but would like to fix this one of possible too. She doesn't think she has a disc for it. How do we start it in safe mode. I am not tech savvy, but willing to give a try. Well I found it can't be stated in safe mode. I guess lets hope she finds the disc. Join Date May My stepson's Dell N hard-drive went kaput in March. I was relieved to find it was still within 7 weeks of the Dell CAR warranty.

Off it went and a new HDD installed. The warranty expired 2 weeks ago and the replacement hard-drive expired last night! That's about 5 or 6 weeks after its installation. Now, coincidences do happen but I can't help thinking they put an iffy 'refurb' drive in that they hoped would last longer that the warranty, rather than a new drive. I've tried it on drives A stock analysis program mac to F.

CHKDSK returns info on number of sectors etc hp 8500 scan to computer no scan options valuation doesn't do any fixing obviously. A is the non existent floppy. B is a tiny drive of a few MB?? C is actually a virtual RAM drive with HIMEN. SYS loaded into it. F is the DVD drive. I think this means the hardrive is so bust it is not even detectable.

Am I right to assume this? Not looking forward to replacing the drive as its is buried under the keyboard and DVD drive, both of which need removing to get at it. Taking the hard drive out should be easy, there are only 2 screws. Here is the info on Dell's site. The hard drive should be C or D. Chkdsk will return the volume info. When a message of incorrect command is returned, it's because the command was not typed in correctly.

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