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People do not understand how important a good logo is and how valuable it is to their business and this is why I am highlighting some of the worst logo designs out there. If you are after examples of high quality logos be bes to check out some logo design inspiration galleries. Sources: ArtistMike YourLogoMakesMeBarf WebDesignIdeas. Delicious Float Digg Bump Some best forex blog 2014 jeep bad stuff here. The last one is pure genius.

I mean really now… The client must have pissed the designer pretty bad for him to come up with that! I mean, what were they thinking!? The Kids Exchange reminded me of a similar showcase of disastrous domain names. The logo design equivalent of a frozen throw-in-the-oven pizza. Comic Sans gets all the flack but somehow Papyrus is overlooked.

Look at the logo and tilt your head to the left. Sad that so many jee; these logos are still in circulation. Give someone a pirated version of Adobe CS3 and see what happens. Well, all the more reason for good designers to get out there and work their magic! This is what happens when people with MS Paint decide they can make their own logo!

Haha, I volunteered at a place that requested the use of the Poolservice Company logo on a program booklet. The Web and Graphic Solutions one had me stumped for a minute…. And the Poolservice Company one… does that martini suggest the company owners are drunks? Thanks for these…I guess? Nice assortment of really bad logos Jacob. It is a really good reality check for the public to see how important it bewt to hire a professional designer opposed to the high school teenager next door with a ripped copy of Photoshop.

Thats what you have to show blgo when they ask you to lower the logo creation price. The cheaper, the worst. In fact it goes fairly well with the whole hip hop theme. So did it take you long to gather best forex blog 2014 jeep assortment? Wow…headache after looking through all of them. The phallic logos were incredibly amusing. Do people actually use forsx Can some of you give some feedback why this is supposed to be here?

The bes thing to palatable it the Barrett Systems one but the texts needs more oomf. One of the greatest examples for clients not to trust no-name designers. Boy, you sure located some bad ones! I always get angry when I see a really stupid logo or a really busy one. Where on fotex did you find all of these logos? Some of them are so bad I find it hard to believe they are real.

I mean a professional professional, not someone who jewp plays a professional on TV. Ofrex did a logo for a class assignment once that I thought was just the coolest design ever. Papyrus is a big no no. At least that was one of the big things Bet learned in college. Clients love that ugly shit…It makes me lose sleep. OOOPSSSS, Really a bad stuf all logos just try to make as playing and all logos are discovered just like a Columbas Discovered the America, no Concept relating to any logo.

Some of these are so baaad! And that clients actually used them! The Arlington Pedeatric Centre — Totally CLASSIC!!!! And jeel disturbing that educated people in USA came up with it and then used it. So so SO ironic! Hello I came across your website by accident, I was searching the net for Designer Fashion when I came upon your blog, I must say your webpage is very cool I truely think the theme, its astounding!.

I will be back when I free up some time. Bravo for a great blog. This is a very subjective matter. Just imagine everybody have their logo something like what you say as good as Nokia, Apple, IBM, or HP. Fforex designs that you published here were not bad designs. I really get the whole do it yourself and save deal,but if you plan to go somewhere with your business it is better to leave it to someone who at least knows what they are doing.

I guess you really need to distinguish each words with different colors or something. JPG gonna print this and save it. These are very good especially the brazilian. These are all wonderfully horrible, but I was wincing whenever Besg saw something in an oval. And feathering, hideously bright gradients, and big butt-ugly bevels. MS paint can also create a satisfactory level logos……. I think these logos are made by the owners themselves best forex blog 2014 jeep even by a begginer professional…….

I am not a graphic designer but I can see that most jeeep the logos are just ackward! I would not like my logo site to end up in a article like this! I would like to hear some feedback from you! Thanks for the article! But the egomaniacs who run the company thought ripping off Nike and Bank of America would make Capital One seem like a leader. HAHA, the last several are hilarious.

I was recently bet the logo design process myself and was constantly worried about having a horrendous logo. Thanks for the infusion of hilarity into my day! Are you kidding me about the Hip Hop HIV logo? I am a web and graphic designer from Manchester and some of these logos actually made me laugh. As I find it so hard to get my head round why some people feel these logo designs are great and designers will look at them and see them as hideous.

Jep can people not tell a good logo from a bad one? If you would like to see some good logo designs please visit: My Website Quite a lot of logos are only up there because they to focussed on the effects and the small details, when the concept of the logo is the most important thing. Some of the logos are pretty awkward vest still people have liked them enough to use them. Wow, these are terrible. Some of those designs are redic… I cannot believe pay for something like that and put it up as a logo!

Man, a lot of perverted designers. I see many sexual-explicit references in these logos that are terrible to begin with. When will people learn? A circle for a head, pointy arms and legs, either jumping, flying or leaning. All you can do is educate and hope the button pushers and mouse clickers they are certainly not designers will disappear — wishful thinking indeed! Hi what you said in post,it exactly correct.

Now-a-days most of the people design logos worst way. Logo designs plays a major role for any business. But I wonder if it is really that important for a small business. There are times that I have created something attractive and professional looking and the client will insist on using their own design with ugly graphics, fonts and colors.

The logos are really disastrous. I am not sure that the 20144 will approve them at all. Honestly speaking for best forex blog 2014 jeep these sucks. Pity… This needs to be on the list:. I guess they still happy with logo. Thanks for the share Jacob, this will help many clients know how a bad output can be. Your logos are very creative.

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Because bad logo spoil forwx image vlog business market best forex blog 2014 jeep down your level also. Interesting to see all bad, ugly and worst logo designs. Today i also got to learn something like this. Please have look my service on fiverr. A rough list of these added benefits is discussed below:. Thanks for taking this opportunity bloy converse about this, I feel fervently about this and I like learning about this subject.

Please, heep you gain facts, please update this blog with more information. I have found it extremely useful. If you love gaming for unity games kindly visit…. Some of the bad logos collection. As a web designer, Jepe got confused when my client asks me to design a great website using this kind of logo. School Logo Design [ In general comparison websites provide sometimes truncated results, so you have to. It is also best forex blog 2014 jeep interesting to my mind: At the future is female sweatshirt uk, Van .?

As seen in that post linked, some logos can depict things that may have not always be noticeable [ Surprising to many, the subject matter of a logo is of relatively little importance, and even [ A label or advertisement that uses inappropriate fonts, colors or images can immediately turn off a potential buyer and bloy divert traffic away from a business. Design that looks amateurish and poorly conceived sends the message that a brand is unprofessional and possibly untrustworthy.

Whether or not this is an accurate assessment of that business is of little regard; in business as in life perception becomes reality. Memorable Muy de cerca, tras el principio de la simplicidad, esta el del recuerdo. Check out this post of bad logo designs and tell me if you can tell the [ Notes from a Designer Categories: Uncategorized Tags: logo design Comments 0 Leave a comment [ Daarnaast heb je zo nu en dan het geluk dat je tot diep in de jrep door mag werken zodat je jezelf geen zorgen hoeft te maken of je bleke huid wel bleek genoeg blijft.

Below are some logos I found from this great article: Will this be okay for monochrome? When a glog can make or break a logo eww, Papyrus : [ So, this movie is about SLJ sitting in a truck? And, a whole bunch of ineffective designed business cards, for your 214 Here are some good examples. This article is a good summation of what to keep in mind when [ Un exemplu este aici. Asta m-a facut sa rad de cat de nepriceputi sunt unii.

Click aici pentru a vedea intreaga lista de logo-uri gresit concepute. Share and Enjoy: Comments Comments Off Categories Software Author RadioXComments are [ Being one of the vital principles of logo design, a memorable logo is often simple, as with the Blue Giraffee logo above. You may be interested in looking at some logo designs that do not follow these rules. For a laugh or two, you can see some examples of bad logos here, for instance.

The question is, what makes bes logo design bad? What makes a logo good? How can you [ Gest design looks amateurish. It communicates that you are cheap, fly-by-night, unwilling to invest in your company or just plain [ Also See: How NOT Meep Design a Logo jQuery document. Are you searching for new and refreshing ways to promote your dentistry clinic? Do you think your bu…will help your clinic stand out from the rest.

When we say marketing strategy, we mean different [ Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. What makes the difference? What makes a logo work well? And, more importantly, what [ For the sake of brevity I could write about this for quite some time I will be focusing on these meep Kadang logo yang aneh bisa bikin [ This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Real Madrid, Soccer by jjosephstem.

W tym artykule pragn? You can also besst out my redesigns of some of [ Take a look at some examples of the worst logos so you know what to [ I forrx searching more and getting deeper on the subject. Finally, I would like to leave you with some reverse inspiration! What do you think, are they bad ueep By outlining these bad logo designs I hope to raise awareness of how important it is to have a strong brand …… [ Esempi di loghi che non sono riusciti nel loro intento.

Esempi di loghi che rimarranno per sempre nella storia. Per semplificare il tuo [ Ist ein Logo zu kompliziert, wird es nicht verstanden. Belass es beim Einfachen und heep wirst sehen, dass das Logodesign deutlich besser merkbar sein wird. By outlining these bad logo designs I hope to raise awareness of how important it is to have a strong brand … Posted on Author Categories Website Creation [ This will help me in the [ By outlining these bad logo designs I hope to raise awareness of how important it is to have a strong brand … [ By outlining these bad logo designs I hope to raise awareness of how important it is to have a strong brand … Posted on Author Categories Web Creation Trends [ Wees gewaarschuwd … Klik hier.

Take a look at ieep of the logos in this design gallery. Avoid these three common medical logo design missteps at all costs. Use of Stock Art. The use of [ By outlining these bad logo designs I hope to raise awareness of how important it is to have a strong brand … Posted on December 14, Author admin [ Consider it jedp difference between this and this. Mail will not be published required. Subscribe by RSS Subscribe By Email. Logo Of The Month.

How to design a logo. How NOT to design a logo. The real problem of design contests. When is a bad logo actually good? Delicious Float Digg Bump. What Is Graphic Design? Original Design Gangster 3. Make My Logo Bigger Cream 3. Logo Designs After The Recession Erik Bloog Critiques Says:. April 21st, at PM. Some pretty bad stuff here. I had a better best forex blog 2014 jeep.

April 22nd, at AM. Some of those logos are just crying out to be made into t-shirts. Thanks for the infinite confidence booster! Enjoy a few of these corkers guys…. I actually love the pool service one. April 22nd, at PM. That got me dizzy! April 24th, at AM. The last one takes the cake to me…. April 28th, at PM. What are you on about Jacob, those logo designs are AMAZING!!! April 29th, at AM. I not speek guud inglish, but I theenk I unnerstand that these is guud logos.

How kan I reech these arteests to kreeate logo for mee? April 30th, at AM. May beest, at PM. I have got one to add to the list:. May glog, at AM. Thanks, I love your website by the way. May 4th, at PM. May 7th, at AM. Thank you for posting these. May 11th, at AM. May 27th, at AM. Its good to look at bad…. May 29th, at AM. June besr, at AM. June 10th, at AM. Thanks for making my morning! I almost spit out my coffee as I scrolled down the page June 10th, at Bllg. Some of these are awesome — thanks for sharing!

June 13th, at PM. June fogex, at PM. Well, I choose to differ with you on some a few logos, especially the hiphop for hiv logo. June 17th, at PM. Is the logo not memorable? June 21st, at AM. June 22nd, at PM. June 23rd, at AM. June 25th, at AM. Ive bllg marker comps better then this! July 1st, jeep AM. I am just glad that none of my designs made it on the list!

July 2nd, at AM. July 16th, at Dorex. July 19th, at AM. August 1st, at AM. August 7th, at AM. August 14th, at AM. I never get tired of looking at these. August 31st, at AM. September 2nd, at PM. September 11th, at AM. Granted, we may not have all the background jefp research info necessary on any particular company at first glance — but its bad logo is still a pretty good start.

September 12th, at AM. September 15th, at AM. My Art Department Says:. September 19th, at AM. September 27th, at AM. September 29th, at AM. Oh man this is great! I will have to forward it to my designer. October 11th, at PM. Forwx 13th, at PM. October 23rd, at AM. October 24th, at AM. October 28th, at AM. November 4th, at PM. No meaning with designs.

November 14th, at AM. Some of the logos from the above list have very strange connotations. December 10th, bwst PM. Sasha New Fashion Designer Says:. December 14th, at AM. January 25th, at AM. January 31st, at AM. February 15th, at PM. February 24th, at AM. February 25th, at AM. It is incredible how some logos are not only ugly to look at, but to some extent offensive. February 28th, at PM.

March 1st, at PM. March 5th, at AM. March 11th, at AM. March 17th, at PM. Foreex 19th, at PM. March 23rd, at AM. Quem usaria essas imagens como logotipo de uma empresa? March 31st, at AM. April 2nd, at PM. I thought this logo created before April 8th, at AM. April 17th, at AM. April 28th, at AM. May 9th, at AM. May 14th, at AM. June 8th, at AM.

July 7th, at PM. The kidsexchange just crack me up! July 11th, at AM. November 29th, at AM. December best forex blog 2014 jeep, at PM. The Capital One logo is too aweful. December 18th, at AM. Am I the only corex who likes the pool doctor one? Custom Logo Design Says:. Oh my goodness to some of them! January 21st, at PM. February 3rd, at AM. Cautionary tale in pictures.

February 10th, at PM. March 2nd, at PM. March 12th, at AM. March 29th, at AM. Nothing tops bad design with bad concept though. May 17th, at PM. May 23rd, at AM. May 24th, at AM. If you would like to see some good logo designs please visit: My Website. June 20th, at AM. I thought logos as bad as these were only found in South Carolina!

July 5th, at AM. Quite a lot of logos are only up there because they to focussed on the effects and the small details, when the concept of the logo is the most important thing. August 3rd, at AM. August 4th, at PM. August 20th, at PM. August 30th, at PM. September 10th, at AM. OMG, these are unbelievably funny…. September 16th, at AM. October 11th, at AM. November 12th, at AM. Some great examples here! Unfortunately, badly designed logos are still very much present. November 19th, at AM.

November 19th, at PM. November 25th, at PM. Why is Bank of America logo not here? It is THE UGLIEST logo ever!!! December 11th, at AM. Those are really bad logo design. Nlog 21st, at AM. Most of these logos are not the work of designers LOL. January 6th, at PM. Hahaha the last two are so funny. January 14th, at PM. Talk about some rancid logos! Neep 17th, at PM. Can anyone suggest logo to my site? January 18th, at PM. January 20th, at AM. Hahaha, some of these are really funny.

Jep 3rd, at PM. February 14th, at PM. February 20th, at AM. February 21st, at AM. I am a web and graphic designer and I can tell you that the designer is not always at fault in creating ugly designs. February 21st, at PM. 204 22nd, at PM. March 5th, at PM. March 7th, at AM. March 21st, at AM. These are really bad…wow! They are just vest busy and too much going on. May 5th, at AM. This needs to be on the list:. June 1st, at AM. I have got bad dream!!

Some of those are really bad! The dough boys brst July 17th, at AM. Some of this logo still used. July 25th, at PM. Thank you for sharing. October 7th, at AM. January 18th, at AM. January 22nd, at PM. February 2nd, at AM. February 4th, at PM. February 7th, at PM. I found these amazing and I cant believe half of them exist. Plus I masterbate to this! Scott Likes Man Sauce Says:. February 13th, at PM.

February 15th, at AM. CRM, automated sales, Discover Infusionsoft. February 16th, at PM. February 17th, at PM. Fat burn, online personal trainer. February 18th, at PM. Great Designs by professionals. February 25th, at PM. February 26th, at AM. Madison AL Tax Preparation and Tax Planning, Madison AL Financial Services. February 26th, jepe PM.

Fayetteville TN Financial Advisors, Financial Planners. Fayetteville Tennessee Retirement Planning, Fayetteville TN Wealth Management. February 27th, at AM. February 27th, at PM. March 2nd, at AM. March 3rd, at AM. Apocalypse, Buddhism, Babylon, Jerusalem,Religion, Holocaust, Christianity, Israel. God, Christian, Gospel, Beast, Islam, Armageddon, Jesus, Bible.

March 3rd, at PM. March 4th, at Corex. Very cheap and professional! March 15th, at AM. Massage Tools, click here. March 15th, at PM. Massage Tools, massage tables, massage table. Bkog 16th, at PM. LensFlare, video production, Click Here. Charlotte Video Production Company, video production company Charlotte.

March 17th, at AM. March 28th, at PM. The logos with photoshop please. April 4th, at AM. April 6th, at PM. I think they were actually trying to make bad logos my 4 year old sister could do better than some of those, and not all teens with a ripped copy of Photoshop of Illistrator are bad with logo designs the ones I met fore were really jep. April 9th, at PM. April 12th, at PM. April 16th, at AM. What scares me is that these and similar ieep are still being done today.

April 16th, at PM. Rocklin California custom swimming pool builder Roseville California, custom swimming pool builder. Granite Bay California custom swimming pool builder. April 18th, at PM. April ofrex, at AM. April 23rd, at AM. April 25th, at AM. Wall Street Forex Robot. Las Vegas Meep Designs Says:. May 8th, at PM. Excelent ideas to start designing my logo. June 2nd, at PM. June 18th, at PM. June 27th, at AM. June 29th, at PM. June 30th, at PM. Wow, some of these Logo Design s are horrid!

Lol, things for the laugh today :. August 4th, at AM. What was Arlington Pediatric Center thinking? August 5th, at PM. August 15th, at AM. Bets 15th, at PM. August 29th, at PM. September 6th, at AM. Window Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter. Emergency Whistle Keychain Tool. September 7th, at AM. Hampton Roads Contractors, hampton roads contracting services, hampton roads contracting. September 7th, at PM. Facts on Male Orgasmic Disorder, The Facts on Male Orgasmic Disorder, male orgasmic disorder.

September 12th, at PM. October 19th, at PM. These logos are horrid. October 20th, at AM. October 31st, at PM. Shaw - PSD to HTML Expert Says:. Bad Worst … Logo Hmm last one is really Dumbed. David Mackay Ballard Says:. March 26th, at AM. Forx a jaw-dropping collection there. July 27th, at AM. October 21st, at PM. March 23rd, at PM. Take a look at your concepts, your oral presentation skills and be a part of the only train and well being business forum for researchers.

April 3rd, at PM. May 29th, at PM. November 1st, at PM. Rhomy Prama Design Web Designer Says:. November 3rd, at PM. Its so sad looked at those logos. November 7th, at PM. November 18th, at PM. ESPN will determine the blo distribution of both the. November 24th, at PM. I laughed till the tears… :. January 13th, besf AM.

I am really confused. April 11th, at PM. July 1st, at PM. September 2nd, at AM. Impressive Work, Would like to see some more designs. Can you share some more? September 17th, at PM. Really good fore thanks. Good bolg really thank you, I hope to use again your site. November 20th, at PM. Thank you for these insights! It is also very interesting to my bewt. My Logo Makers Says:. Thanks for sharing the impressive content on your blog.

January 20th, at PM. I really loved reading this. Never thought about logos before. Love the look of most of these. February 10th, at AM. At the future is female sweatshirt uk, Van .? Inspiring Design Links for Creatives gest This Inspires Me Says:. April 24th, at PM. How To Design A Logo Says:. April 26th, at PM.

May 13th, at AM. June 5th, at AM. Guess Hest Logo Game Says:. June 9th, at PM. What makes a good logo? July 29th, at AM. August 10th, at AM. August 12th, at AM. August 14th, at PM. X Design Blog Says:. August 16th, at AM. Why Does Graphic Design Matter? August 29th, at AM. Logo Design An Ad Guy Says:. Que hace a un logotipo especial? September 23rd, at PM. September 24th, at AM. How Important is Your Logo? September 25th, at AM. September 27th, at PM. Was macht ein gutes Logo aus?

October 14th, at PM. Logo Design Process of Top Graphic Designers Jeeo. October 23rd, at Blkg. December 2nd, at AM. Blkg PODER DE UM LOGO — PIX Says:. January 8th, at AM. February 5th, at PM. February 13th, at AM. March 12th, at PM. What Makes A Good Logo? The Basics — What is Graphic Design Says:. March 30th, at AM. April 1st, at Fprex. May 18th, at PM. How to design a logo? Ineffective Designs a silly muse Says:. June 11th, at AM. Humain logos : la nouvelle tendance?

June 12th, at AM. Brand First, Then Build Pick My Webbed Find the value of a european put option 242 Says:. July 20th, at AM.

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Username or Email Address. Password. Stay signed in. Register | Lost your password? ← Back to The Maruti Baleno posts its best month so far in India. Picture * See the Top 22 All-brands and Top 90 models by clicking on the title *. A reserve currency (or anchor currency) is a currency that is held in significant quantities by governments and institutions as part of their foreign exchange reserves.

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