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After graduating at 19, Buffett enrolled buffet put option 9 11 Columbia Business School of Columbia Universitylearning and eventually creating his investment philosophy around a concept pioneered by Benjamin Graham — value investing. He attended New York Institute of Finance to specialize his economics background and soon after began various business partnerships, including one with Graham. After meeting Charlie MungerBuffett created the Buffett Partnership.

His firm would eventually acquire a textile manufacturing firm called Berkshire Hathaway and assume its name to create a diversified holding company. Buffett has been the chairman and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway since[6] and his business exploits have had him referred to as the "Wizard", "Oracle" or "Sage" of Omaha by global media outlets. Inwith Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Warren founded The Giving Pledgewhereby billionaires pledge to give away at least half of their fortunes.

Buffett was born in in Omaha, Nebraska. Inhis father was elected to the first of four terms in the United States Congressand after moving with his family to Washington, D. Much of Buffett's early childhood years were enlivened with entrepreneurial ventures. One of his first business ventures, Buffett sold chewing gum, Coca-Cola bottles, or weekly magazines door to door.

He worked in his grandfather's grocery store. While still in high school, he made money delivering newspapers, selling golf balls and stamps, and detailing cars, among other means. Within months, they owned several machines in three different barber shops across Omaha. On a trip to New York City at age ten, he made a point to visit the New York Stock Exchange. At 11, he bought three shares of Cities Service Preferred for himself, and three for his sister Doris Buffett founder of The Sunshine Lady Foundation.

In high school, he invested in a business owned by his father and bought a acre farm worked by a tenant farmer. He would have preferred to focus on his business ventures; however, he enrolled due to pressure from his father. After being rejected by Harvard Business SchoolBuffett enrolled at Columbia Business School of Columbia University upon learning that Benjamin Graham taught there.

He earned a Master of Science in Economics from Columbia in After graduating, Buffett attended the New York Institute of Finance. That's what Ben Graham taught us. A hundred years from now they will still be the cornerstones of investing. In AprilBuffett discovered that Graham was on the board of GEICO insurance. Taking a train to Washington, D. There he met Lorimer Davidson, Geico's Vice President, and the two discussed the insurance business for hours.

Davidson would eventually become Buffett's lifelong friend and a lasting influence, [28] and would later recall that he found Buffett to be an "extraordinary man" after only fifteen minutes. Buffett wanted to work on Wall Street ; however, both his father and Ben Graham urged him not to. He offered to work for Graham for free, but Graham refused. The average age of his students was more than twice his own.

During this time he also purchased a Sinclair Texaco gas station as a side investment. However, this was not successful. The next year they had their first child, Susan Alice. InBuffett accepted a job at Benjamin Graham 's partnership. Graham was a tough boss. He was adamant that stocks provide a wide margin of safety after weighing the trade-off between their price and their intrinsic value. The argument made sense to Buffett but he questioned whether the criteria were too stringent and caused the company to miss out on big winners that had other appealing features.

InBenjamin Graham retired and closed his partnership. InBuffett operated three partnerships. Buffett operated five partnerships that year. Inthe company grew to six partnerships and Buffett met future partner Charlie Munger. ByBuffett operated seven partnerships. He merged these partnerships into one. Buffett invested in and eventually took control of a textile manufacturing firm, Berkshire Hathaway.

He began buying shares in Berkshire from Seabury Stantonthe owner, whom he later fired. This did not include the value of fixed assets factory and equipment. Buffett took control of Berkshire Hathaway at a board meeting and named a new president, Ken Chace, to run the company. In buffet put option 9 11, Buffett closed the partnership to new money. He later claimed that the textile business had been his worst trade.

Buffett wrote in his letter: " InBerkshire paid out its first and only dividend of 10 cents. Infollowing his most successful year, Buffett liquidated the partnership and transferred their assets to his partners. Among the assets paid out were shares of Berkshire Hathaway. InBuffett began writing his now-famous annual letters to shareholders. Buffett became close friends with Katharine Grahamwho controlled the company and its flagship newspaper, and joined its board.

Inthe SEC opened a formal investigation into Buffett and Berkshire's acquisition of Wesco Financialdue to possible conflict of interest. No charges were brought. Antitrust charges started, instigated by its rival, the Buffalo Courier-Express. Both papers lost money, until the Courier-Express folded in InBerkshire began to acquire stock in ABC.

Federal Communications Commission ownership rules. The two companies also owned several radio stations in the same markets. Ina scandal involving John Gutfreund former CEO of Salomon Brothers surfaced. A rogue traderPaul Mozer, was submitting bids in excess of what was allowed by Treasury rules. When this was brought to Gutfreund's attention, he did not immediately suspend the rogue trader.

Gutfreund left the company in August Greenberg at AIG in On March 15,the AIG board forced Greenberg to resign from his post as Chairman and CEO after New York state regulators claimed that AIG had engaged in questionable transactions and improper accounting. Buffett discussed the difficulties of knowing when to sell in the company's annual report: That may seem easy to do when one looks through an always-clean, rear-view mirror.

Unfortunately, however, it's the windshield through which investors must peer, and that glass is invariably fogged. Not only has the economy slowed down a lot, but people have really changed their habits like I haven't seen". Additionally, Buffett feared that inflation levels that occurred in the s—which led to years of painful stagflation —might re-emerge. Alice Schroederauthor of Snowballsaid that a key reason for the purchase was to diversify Berkshire Hathaway from the financial industry.

I in no way anticipated the dramatic fall in energy prices that occurred in the last half of the year. But so far I have been dead wrong. Even if prices should rise, moreover, the terrible timing of my purchase has cost Berkshire several billion dollars. That's the nature of bubbles — they're mass delusions. I'm on my way to an unknown destination in Asia where I'm going to look for a cave. Armed forces can't find Osama bin Laden in 10 years, let Goldman Sachs try to find me. This unanticipated investment raised his stake in the company to around 5.

Buffett had said on numerous prior occasions that he would not invest in technology because he did not fully understand it, so the move came as a surprise to many investors and observers. During the interview, in which he revealed the investment to the public, Buffett stated that he was impressed by the company's ability to retain corporate clients and said, "I don't know of any large company that really has been as specific on what they intend to do and how they intend to do it as IBM.

At the Berkshire shareholders meeting in MayBuffett explained that he did not expect to "move the needle" at Berkshire with newspaper acquisitions, but he anticipates an annual return of 10 percent. The Press of Atlantic City became Berkshire's 30th daily newspaper, following other purchases such as Virginia, U. The obligation of a society as prosperous as ours is to figure out how nobody gets left too far behind.

Buffett is recognized by communicators [82] as a great story-teller, as evidenced by his annual letters to shareholders. He warned about the pernicious effects of inflation: [83] The arithmetic makes it plain that inflation is a far more devastating tax than anything that has been enacted by our legislatures. The inflation tax has a fantastic ability to simply consume capital. It makes no difference to a widow with her savings in a buffet put option 9 11 percent passbook account whether she pays percent income tax on her interest income during a period of zero inflation, or pays no income taxes during years of 5 percent inflation.

In addition to himself, Buffett named Walter J. SchlossTom Knapp, Ed Anderson Tweedy, Browne LLCWilliam J. Ruane Sequoia FundInc. Towards his later life, particularly following the global financial crisis ofBuffet put option 9 11 became an increasingly vocal critic of active management, i. Buffett is skeptical that buffet put option 9 11 management and stock-picking can outperform the market in the long run, and has advised both individual and institutional investors to move their money to low-cost index funds that track broad, diversified stock market indices.

Buffett said in one of his letters to shareholders that "when trillions of dollars buffet put option 9 11 managed by Wall Streeters charging high fees, it will usually be the managers who reap forex trading hours monday friday 1995 profits, not the clients. Bythe index fund was outperforming every hedge fund that had made the bet against Buffett by a significant margin. In an attempt to compete, he bought one of the diminutive instruments and has been playing it ever since.

Though the attempt was unsuccessful, his music interest was a key part of his becoming a part of Susan Thompson's life and led to their marriage. Buffett often plays the instrument at stock holder meetings and other opportunities. His love of the instrument led to the commissioning of two custom Dairy Queen ukuleles by Dave Talsma, one of which was auctioned for charity. They had three children, SusieHoward and Peter.

The couple began living separately inalthough they remained married until Susan Buffett's death in July Their daughter, Susie, lives in Omaha, is a national board member of Girls, Inc. All three were close and Christmas cards to friends were signed "Warren, Susie and Astrid". Although his first wife referred to Nicole as one of her "adored grandchildren", [92] Buffett wrote her a letter stating, "I have not emotionally or legally adopted you as a grandchild, nor have the rest of my family adopted you as a niece or a cousin.

This act was a break from his past condemnation of extravagant purchases by other CEOs and his history of using more public transportation. Modeled on the Ryder Cup in golf—held immediately before it in the same city—the teams are chosen by invitation, with a female team and five male teams provided by each country. He supported the hire of Bo Pelinifollowing the seasonstating, "It was getting kind of desperate around here". The series features Buffett and Munger, and teaches children healthy financial habits.

Buffett advises people to first create a list of the top 25 accomplishments that they would like to complete over the next few years of their life, and to then pick the five most-important list items. Each year, Buffett presides over Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder meeting in the Qwest Center in OmahaNebraskaan event drawing over 20, visitors from both United States and abroad, giving it the nickname "Woodstock of Capitalism".

Berkshire's annual reports and letters to shareholders, prepared by Buffett, frequently receive coverage by the financial media. Buffett's writings are known for containing quotations from sources as varied as the Bible and Mae West[] as well as advice in buffet put option 9 11 folksy Midwestern style and numerous jokes. In April Buffett an avid Coca-Cola drinker and investor in said company agreed to have his likeness placed on cherry coke products in China.

Buffett was not compensated for this advertisement. On September 15,Buffett announced that he had completed the full day radiation treatment cycle, saying "it's a great day for me" and "I am so glad to say that's over". He once commented, "I want to give my kids just enough so that they would feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they would feel like doing nothing". Buffett joined the Gates Foundation's board, but did not plan to be actively involved in the foundation's investments.

The winners traditionally dine with Buffett at New York's Smith and Wollensky steak house. I have no problem in releasing my tax information while under audit. Trump -- at least he would have no legal problem. He predicted that the US dollar will lose value in the long run, as a result of putting a larger portion of ownership of US assets in the hands of foreigners. In his letter to shareholders in Marchhe predicted that in another ten years' time the net ownership of the U.

The trade deficit induced Buffett to enter the foreign currency market for the first time in He substantially reduced his stake in as changing interest rates increased the costs of holding currency contracts. Buffett remained bearish on the dollar, stating that he was looking to acquire companies with substantial foreign revenues.

Buffett emphasized the non-productive aspect of a gold standard for the United States dollar in at Harvard: It gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head. Stocks are probably still the best of all the poor alternatives in an era of inflation — at least they are if you buy in at appropriate prices.

He sold this stake soon afterwards, sparing him the billions of dollars he would have lost had he held on to the company in the midst of the steep drop in oil prices beginning in the summer of It costs a penny to make. Sell it for a dollar. And there's fantastic brand loyalty. Speaking at Berkshire Hathaway Inc. I would not like to have a significant percentage of my net worth invested in tobacco businesses.

The economy of the business may be fine, but that doesn't mean it has a bright future. InBuffett's PacifiCorpa subsidiary of his MidAmerican Energy Companycanceled six proposed coal-fired power plants. These included Utah's Intermountain Power Project Unit 3, Jim Bridger Unit 5, and four proposed plants previously included in PacifiCorp's Integrated Resource Plan.

The cancellations came in the wake of pressure from regulators and citizen groups. David Sokol responded on Buffett's behalf, stating that the FERC would decide the question. He already owned wind farms. At the annual meeting, he lambasted a bill before the United States Congress that would consider only some company-issued stock options compensation as an expense, likening the bill to one that was almost passed by the Indiana House of Representatives to change the value of Pi from 3.

And if expenses don't belong in the earnings statement, where in the world do they belong? He also stated that initial public offering IPO of stock are almost always bad investments. Investors should be looking to companies that will have good value in ten years. The article quoted the CEO of Borders BooksGeorge Jones, as saying that the only other living persons named in as many book titles were U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For more details on Warren Buffett's time at Berkshire Hathaway, see List of assets owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

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Even Buffett Isn't Perfect: What You Can--and Can't--Learn from the World's Greatest Investor. Warren Buffett Chairman and CEO. Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies. Kansas Bankers Surety Company. Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance. GEICO Marine Insurance Company. United States Liability Insurance Group. Union Tank Car Company. RC Willey Home Furnishings.

Fruit of the Loom. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation. The Press of Atlantic City. Kern River Gas Transmission Company. Children of Warren Buffett. Children of Howard G. Step-children of Peter Buffett. Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. The World's Billionaires — Top ten richest people in the world as of 20 April Wealthiest people in the United States by state.

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