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From basic strikes, to warm-up drills and complex combinations with pads. Free 7 Day Trail. Why not book a free taster session with us and find out which of our trainers is best suitable for you. Charte passes are available for single sessions. Osteopathy Osteopaths use deep tissue massage, stretching and joint manipulation to reduce pain, recover from an injury or to improve your posture or athletic performance. Fully equipped with machines, free weights, squat racks and dumbbells that are as heavy as kg. A very nice gym, fully equipped.

MMA Gyms, like FX Gym, is where all the action is. We take you through the basics of the many fighting disciplines of Mixed Martial Arts, for all levels. From basic strikes, to warm-up drills and complex combinations with pads. Ghm Gym is setup to raise the general level of your MMA fitness and fighting skills. Tough in the ring training and sparring prepares you for our annual club competitions should you desire it.

Life in the ring becomes easier when you join Evolution MMA at FX Gy. Opening Times: Open 7 days a week, Weekdays —Saturdays —Sundays — All sessions can be used for individual classes in MMA, Boxing, Martial Rangers, Cage Fitness and use of the sauna. All sessions must be used within a 12 week period after purchase. Day passes are available for single sessions. MMA GYM This Ain't No Easy Gym.

Check out our prices, opening times, classes and more: JOIN NOW. FX Gym is home to FX Power Gym, home to numerous body building physique and bikini competitors and one of South Londons top body building gyms. Fully equipped with machines, freeweights, squat racks and dumbbells as heavy as kg. About Us FX Power Gym.

FX Power Gym

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