Metatrader crosshair pips place

Then why is the delay? It is very user friendly and ppl will be able to trade and access other features very easily. Someone from our tech team can call and help you out in the morning. Please tell me when PI will get activated. Missed using bracket orders, and having multiple marketwatch. The problem is the last candle shows as a line OHLC all are showing as the closing price. The xrosshair by default has closing price, if you click on that dropdown, you will see the last option as volume.

This was released to around of our clients today, and over this week will be released to over of our clients who have requested for the same. Following is an overview to get you started on Pi. We will increase the speed at which we are giving out licenses from January 14 crosshaur days from the launch. We are trying to scale up slowly to avoid any unforeseen issues.

Make sure to uninstall all the previous versions of Pi, and install the latest one Version 1. Here metatrader crosshair pips place how you check, In the help menu, click on About Pi. This will ensure the latest scrips are updated on your Pi. One of the drawbacks of NEST was that your overnight positions would show the average price as previous closing price. The same applies to the Demat Holdings menu as well.

We ketatrader intraday data from June onwards for the top NSE stocks. You will be able to see intraday data for the remaining stocks, futures, and Indices from January 6th, onwards. We will add end of day charts for metatrader crosshair pips place last ten years soon. Backtest: You can code your strategy in tradescript, and backtest using this menu. Note: Backtesting mtatrader your system resources, make sure that you have a powerful computer especially if backtesting on large amounts of data.

Pi bridge for AmiBroker: Those who are used to AFL AmiBroker Formula Language can fire orders directly from AmiBroker into Pi. Pattern recognition: Open a chart and run this tool to find the patterns that you are looking for. Order getting fired from Amibroker metatraer the generated alerts screen on Pi. Can be traded with one click. As I said already, we have over requests for the beta of Pi, and we are releasing new licenses slowly.

So it might take a few days metatrader crosshair pips place all of you get your hands on it. We want to be sure that everything goes right when the load increases. Sorry for keeping you all waiting, having Pi out soon is very important for us as a business too. This is still a beta metayrader, so if you spot any issues do let us know either on this blog post or by sending an email to it zerodha.

We have an updated release available for Pi. You can either uninstall and install the latest release of PI, or else update by downloading and running the latest patch available on Q. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. Thanks for giving early access. Loved trading from the charts and using expert advisors. The charts felt metarrader a dream, probably because I am moving from the horrid charts on NEST and ODIN. Missed using bracket orders, and having multiple marketwatch.

I was told that multiple marketwatch will take time, hopefully you people can do something about it soon. Netatrader also hope that the performance does not drop as more people start using Pi. Bracket orderTrailing stoplossorder modification and cancellation with tradescript or AFL. If we can enable auto trading, that would mean more business for us right? Do let us know if you know anyone who is automating on MCX, we would love to figure out all the regulatory metatrder.

There is no set documents for getting approvals. As long as auto trading is not allowed in India, we will need to put that annoying box for order confirmation. Bracket and TSL is not approved by MCX yet. We are working on crossuair able to have the bridge communicate with Ami two ways, fire orders, and receive order details. Once this is done, you will be able to use it as an Input to place modify orders from AFL.

Metaatrader automating on Metatrader crosshair pips place : GRD groupmaster-trust etc…. But we are working on having something out which is in accordance. Sandip, we were more traders than sub-brokers. We had a very good run in the markets inthat is how we ended up bootstrapping Zerodha. Why any discount broker like zerodha,composite-edge etc…. GRD powered by symphony.

These broker are not doing anything against the exchange rules. Sir,even with Piyou changed nothing in auto-trading. Zerodha will be able to provide auto-trading in MCX? Symphony will take care of all exchange hurdle and exchange rules. Lastly its about whether you want to do it or not. We will offer as and crosshaor we are okay with it. As I far as knowZerodha Broker Terminal allow fully Automated Trading.

No Bidhan, fully automated is not allowed for a retail trader. I am eagerly longing for Bracket order mmetatrader launch on Pi, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez launch it as soon as possible. Because as a full time trader it is really very much essential for me to have BO as early as possible Can you ask all coding related queries on tradingqna. I m seeing PI first metatrader crosshair pips place and first problem I found is that is not saving layout like I change admin position, order position I saved it on default layout as well as other name also.

I re installed with admin right but nothing work anything I m missing what ever I do it always back with original lay out after log out. It saves all the windows that you have opened, once you load the layout, you will still have to adjust all those screens. But we will have this option soon. After 5 months I have downloaded again latest PI. I cant see support and resistance in market watch. Support and resistance points open up on the chart. Right click pipw the chart and click on day separator.

Meattrader can save layouts with indicators click on save template. But by layout if you mean the way you had pops all your windows, no that currently cannot be. In the latest PI release, backtesting of strategy has been limited to days irrespective of metatrader crosshair pips place its hourly or daily charts. This is very disappointing, in the older release the backtest was from Feb onwards.

With days limitation backtesting is useless for positional strategies. I was expecting the latest release to have better backtesting capabilitiesbut it has in crosshai degraded. I need a small clarification. You are saying that, to qualify as an Metatraer client one has to keep atleast Rs. Does is it mean one should maintain the balance of Rs. This will help long and medium term investors, who dont trade daily but holding some sizeable portfolio.

Sarvana, for now we are saying rs 10, to get access to final release of PI. But metatrader crosshair pips place by the time we reach our final release, we will have a more defined rule, and yes we will also include holding value then. Nitin its great to pipa such software. Sanjay, we have a new pisp of Pi ready to be released on Tuesday. There is no crosshair, but if you left click and hover over a candle, you will be able to see all details similar to crosshair.

The daily charts and the 30 min candle issue is also sorted. Nitinjji it seems from first view software is good but there are lots of bugs like i am not able to view chart data more than single day in ,cx and equity. Include the above code with whatever the price you want and save it as a scripted alert or expert advisor. Now open the chart of the stock on which you need the alert, and run either expert advisor or scripted alert.

A HAPPY YEAR croszhair HAPPY TRADE with Pi. If access has been given to Pi, can we keep switching between Pi and Nest? Does Pi activation automatically deactivates Nest? But yes, if you were logged into ZT earlier, ZT will be automatically logged out as you login to Pi Pi and NEST can run side by side. Logout of one, and you will be able to login to the other. Not yet, we are currently working on making sure that everything available on Pi works perfect.

We will start adding these after the final release. You mentioned that Bracket order is not available in PI now. I want to know about Cover order. Is Cover order is available in PI now? Is there any possibility of adding basket order with stop loss like cover order or bracket order. For example I want to buy 2,3 stocks as mefatrader open with stop loss but at once I can buy only. Little tricky to crosshzir basket order option for Cover or Brackets. But you can use basket orders to place using MIS for limit and SL.

The only issue will be that margin will be blocked separately for both these orders. I think you did not understand my question yet. I want to place buy order metarader some price and stop loss crosshakr there open price based on my calculation. As market open share price changes quickly if i will place seprate bracket order I cannot go more then 2 share max if I use basket order I can buy multiple share but I am unable exit my position many time because share fall.

Basket orders is the only poace you have. But yes, handling multiple positions at same time especially when day trading is tricky. I have the same query. My question — is it technically tricky? It is nothing but a batch standard of standard CO placed at market rate. I would really appreciate if you can think over it and find a way to incorporate in future release of Pi. This will be extremely helpful for semi algo trader like us who would like to place spread orders for several scripts.

For every CO we will need to generate a trigger range,and this is tricky to be done on a basket as extra load on the system. Yes, Ambibroker bridge is ready not MT4. Great work by zerodha. Yep, the chart data that we are seeing matches very closely to what you see on Esignal esignal is probably the best in business, and charge over Rs 10, per month to use. Japjit, we are giving this out slowly, we have released it to more today, if everything goes well we will release it to more tomorrow.

I have requested for Pi software since Yesterday morning. Kindly activate at the earliest. My client ID is APDR We are currently working on having the final release ready, we will give work on this as soon as we are done with that. MT4 is a little more trickier than Amibroker. About tradescript, we are waiting for the final release, once done we will answer all tradescript queries on tradingqna. Reading crosshaid post solves most queries. First of all congrats to ZERODHA for Pi-final beta release.

Hope to get my share of Pi. Please look at itTicket Today evening we will be giving out the release to over people, we have been adding slowly for the last two days. MY CLIENT ID IS DRI CLICK ON THE TO GET BETA ACCESS ON AS IT IS SAYING THE LINK WILL BE ACTIVATED WITHIN 48 HOURS …. PLEASE CONFIRM MY STATUS …. Crosahair I can see your request in the queue. Today evening we will start releasing licenses fast. Pllace you should get it soon. But by dual color you mean, when price above EMA green and price below EMA red, no not now.

I send requested for Pi software since hours back on back office Q q. My client ID is RY….! Are we required to have Rs. KINDLY CHECK AND PUT IT IN OUR Pi. That will help greatly for Intraday Traders. If we write something on the chart on a 60 min time ketatrader which automatically be seen on lower time frames only and not on the higher time frames from 60 min chart. This will help for study and trading for any type of investors.

This will also help for study and all trader types. First of metatdader Congratulations!! We all are thrilled to use the Pi with all the advanced features for tarding. I am writing this mail to inquire about the access of Pi to Zerodha Clients. It is clear that the active traders will have prior access to Zerodha Pi, which is actually the best way plce do business. And I want to know. Certainly not now but after actual release? Shahnawaz, like I have mentioned above that Rs 10, in account will be considered active.

But we will have some placs to define active. Request you to please activate my id on priority. You can check my daily transaction, i am not comfortable with nest trading as have to use charting in another platform. It is waste of time to check every time if the link is enabled or not! Crosshsir would appreciate and respect their hard work but they could have done some smart work also! I Have commented about my PI activation today morning in your blog but still no response at least no courtesy of reply message from your end.

I have more than 1 lakh in my account and giving you brokerage more than Rs. But still PI not activated pipx is something feels little stress for me. Please tell me when PI will get activated. Please Activate metagrader tomorrow at the earliest. Bosco in chennai but no response from him and even msgd him of no reply from his end.

Kindly do reply for this and do the needfull for me. This happens whenever i switch back from chart window to metatrader crosshair pips place watch and select a scrip snapquote window popping out without double click, pls look at it. And this doesnot happen if i metatrader crosshair pips place activate the market watch window by clicking on it and then click a scrip, but if i directly select a scrip from chart window then SQ appears.

Thank u for activation of Pi. I received a mail with new password. Kindly metatrader crosshair pips place in this situation. In the chart,when we move the cursor over the candle then we do not see the High,Low, Open and Close price of that candle. I am not sure if that is only happening for me. Also, I must say that Pi is so damn cool….

So cool that I almost want to leave my job and do full time trading… 1. OHLC value is not consistent at least in live market I have tried it. Either it does not croswhair or disappears within a fraction before one can read it. It would be nice to be able metatrrader change in time frame and script within the chart rather than opening new chart every time.

This comes from experience from other charting Sw e. TradeTiger from Sharekhan 1. You need to left click metatrader crosshair pips place mouse and hover over the candle. You need to keeep the mouse clicked to see it, if you leave the click it dissapears. If that happens you may probably go to links given installation files and download from there. My suggestion wait for crossbair trying metatrader crosshair pips place download it first.

When it fails it will generate an error crosshzir. Check whether other newer versions already present in machine and uninstall them by CCleaner or remove programs. Your system firewall might plsce blocking access to specific ports. If you are in office, the network might be blocking the ports Thanks for cosshair tips,Pi was being blocked by AVG Firewall.

Adding exception worked out and Pi is working fine. Cheers for a very crozshair Platform. Riddhi can you try restarting your PC and logging in? If you are still not able to, my guess is that it is not installed correctly. Crosehair from our tech team can call and help you out in the morning. And How Much Data Cost For Month? So if you are using Ami, I guess you will have to subscribe through Neotrade or GFDL.

You can use the bridge to fire orders directly from AFL on Ami. In the final beta release, Metatrader crosshair pips place have come found a problem with horizontal lines when i use them on chart type Heikin Ashi. No problems with vertical lines. Guess this is a bug. Would you please check this? Can you lead me to the source from where I can get to know on how to download 1min backfill data? Aditya, market monitor, option strategy and market movers are still not put up. Yes we will metatradrr the videos soon.

The first time download takes a bit, we will have that fixed by the final release. From the second time, using the quick login. Thanks Hi Nithin — Despite selecting number of bars well within range I am only able to see 28 bars. Can I set my market metztrader or is it taking exchange open timing automatically. I suspect this to be an issue. We want to see how the data servers behave with more load on it.

Thank You for provide me. Again Thanks a lot. Chart Data and Cgosshair watch data not same 1st candel open is different to market watch open in Bankbaroda stock, Please see image Yogesh, yes it is crosshai, check this. Especially on an opening like today, there might be hundreds of ticks every second first few minutes in the morning. Typically most trading platforms in India use charts after the price is shown on the marketwatch pisp hence the charts usually lag by a fraction of a second.

Since our setup is like this, it is possible that all ticks on your marketwatch and charts may not match. Especially when markets are crosshiar. How do i activate the bridge pi to amibroker? Charging for the terminal is a bad move nithin. I dono abt ur startegy but its a bad move. Actually I was expecting PI to replace amibroker but after using pi was a bit disappointed but still was expecting it will be like amibroker but after reading ur post saying it will not be able to replace advance charting platforms came to a conclusion its just another nest trader with diff skin.

Siva, we are not charging. We are giving it to active traders only for now. If you are looking at Amibroker only for charts Pi can definitely replace Ami. But if you are using AMi for AFL, Ami is a lot more advanced. Also Amibroker is a professional charting platform, Pi is a trading platform that also has charting, so it is comparing apples and oranges.

Ppis personally feel pi needs a lot more improvement in terms of a basic trading terminal itself. I am not looking for afl. I am looking for user friendliness with good features in pi. I got new PI link. But system not meratrader new metagrader. Without asking program working. Is it updated version. My code RJ No issues, I have in the post above put up an image, just double check the version number, it should be 1.

I have recently open metatrxder with Zerodha DR I would like to use the Pi! How can I get the Pi. Ramana, it is explained in the blogpost above on how to put a request for Pi. We will add it once everything is set. The scripted alert is not working for me. No alerts at later point of time. Please hv someone look into it. I get at metatrader crosshair pips place one alertand that corresponds to buy condition being satisfied at the moment I click enable metatrader crosshair pips place.

Please have someone pils the IT call me and resolve this I guess someone already called you about this. Make sure to see if your version is 1. The guy told I would be contacted by someone from the IT dept. Choose daywise to see only MIS positions. Muthu, do read the post above. You have to completely uninstall the older version first. After this, you have to download the latest version from Pi and run it. How to check the version is again mentioned in the post above.

For getting PI eligibility I am going to sell some of my long term stocks today. Can i expect 1 week to activate my PI link?? Chandu, whenever you plan to trade get on Q and place a request. I used it today … Metatraddr was butter smooth …. Interestingly CPU usage was much lesser in this version than earlier ones …. For now, you will need to open separate charts.

You will have to open charts separately. This bit will be enabled by final release. You can save all the windows that are open by clicking save. Shobha, not for the final release, but once we are done we will add a bunch of popular indicators like Ichimoku, Supertrend, and others. I have applied for pi on Placw and still my request is pending. Please expedite my request. RV Requested Pi two days ago, via q. My ID is DL Luiza Rego. Kindly do it asap. Other points noted, thanks. Go to user settings, Order window, and untick on confirm before submitting order.

Close the pipps window, and the it will get popped back. F3, F8, F11, you will have to pop it out manually if you want it that way. Can you send this to tsiva zerodha. Saving marketwatch settings is something we are lpace. Hi, Its been pils 48 hours still my pi link is pending activation. Please activate it as soon as possible. Patiently waiting for PI for over 48 hours but no stress, I know that you and your folks are metafrader a fantastic job!

Please keep it up even as you scale up! Nithin — Your data servers are actually behaving weirdly. I have metattrader noticed this case. I opened NIFTY 45 min candle crsoshair and then again created a new chart with different periodicity. Weirdly, as a result, NIFTY 45 min candles get distorted. Hey Vishal, the reason for putting this post out is to fix any issues that we might have missed. But this case you have pointed is not happening at my end. Will get someone to call you back llace this.

Iam new to Zeodha I am very much excited about Zerodha PI. I have got the Pi today. It is very user friendly and ppl will be able to trade and access other features very easily. Need to check it in detail. And the network olace in the office would not open these ports. Currently Metatraader see that the below ports need to be opened. Change the ports on which the servers listen to commonly open ports like 80, If the above is not possible.

If it is not Linux, I am metayrader there are similar tools available for windows servers too. Crosshzir are working on our own execution management system, but that might take a long while. Our web tool Kite should also be out in the next couple of months, crisshair definitely be the metatrader crosshair pips place web based trading platform out there. Work around for those placce desperately wanted to have multiple Market Watch….

Repeat the above step with different scripts you want and save the Work Space with different name! Thankyou Zerodha…finally the waite is over…Now Zerodha pi is enabled…Hope can have nice friendly trading with Pi! I installed the PI software pkps I have the activation code too. When I open the software it prompts for client Metatrxder and password. When I entered it and it is not going inside.

Then where we have to put the activation code. Send an email tsiva zerodha. Is indicator that draw Pivot lines available in Pi? I have more than 50k in my trading account metatradfr I have started trading with you. Will I get Pi too? Just now downloaded PI and installed it. I am waiting for Amibroker bridge to get active this weekend as mentioned by you above. I remember you mentioning something like this in earlier post I am not sure here.

Yes Kirrick, The way the bridge works is that you can fire orders through any front end that you use. Will give you more details soon. Pi might be picking the previous license key, if you had used the earlier beta, if you are able to login and see 1. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt mteatrader continue. Configuration system failed to initialize. Even the security Pic is not displayed. Pipw this blog first to see responses.

Pi seems to be for active trader, and those ppis AMI advantage, who wants tech analysis. I wish ZT or similar would continue for person like me for its simple GUI, and user-friendliness. Otherwise following are must in Pi:. Resizeable Pop-up windows that stays on screen when we move across marketwatches. Less issues in Pi compared to ZT.

Jut interested to know if it takes more resources of desktop Cover orders are already there, BO will come soon. If I am too early to comment please forgive me. I know our team has put their best and not every single person can be satisfied. Finally Pi is up and running. Was trying my hand at back testing and noticed that symbol has to be typed manually screenshot enclosed for back testing. A drop down menu could have made job easier.

What should be symbol name for back-testing near month nifty future and bank nifty future. We need little more of them as support and resistance. As total number of maximum indicator is 8. Not possible to plot more than 4 EMA with other 4 essential indicators like MACD, STOCH, RSI, P SAR. Pi is showing Maximum Indicators added to the chart. Title bar is showing Pi version as 1. I think it should be same at both places.

Yes AR, ignore what you see on the top of the screen, look at the link in the About where you pils seeing 1. After few sessions, following error occurred. Root element is missing — Refer the screen shot. Restarted the system and checked — same probs. Give me some pointers to solve this issue. And I see this error right after installation. I have not been able to launch Pi even once.

Elegant, metatrader crosshair pips place I just said, can you change your password to one without special characters using NEST and try logging in. This was quickly sorted out by the CC guys at market open. Just wanted to know that the solution given by CC guy was different then what Nithin mention about special characters. Earlier I got this error once when I tried to login after midnight. But next morning it was not there.

Now again, I am getting this error. I would like to mention that I login after midnight almost daily. But this is the second time it is frosshair. Nishant, every night after midnight for a poace there would be some maintenance activity happening on our servers, you would not be able to login at those times to either ZT or Pi. Yeah, Metatradr have guessed it.

As I said above, it started working when I logged in today morning. Therefore, this message appears when the servers are under maintenance or down. Can you refine this error message to tell exactly that the servers are under maintenance and try after sometime. Muthu, my guess is that you are using special characters in your password. If you can change the password and not use special characters. We will have this sorted soon. On the other note, I am not able to add nifty in the market watch as shown in the video.

Is it because of having only trading account and not demat account? I am trading with RP Yes, you need to have a demat account mapped to your trading to see the prices for the equity segment. I ceosshair trade in options and that too Nifty Options. I want to see the Nifty chart and put trend lines, indicators, etc in it. Metatrader crosshair pips place any demat of ;ips mapped, and you will be able to add indices to metatarder marketwatch and also see their charts.

I use NSE NOW as I do trade using mobile cgosshair well when I am on the move and ZT mobile version is just not good. My question is will I be kicked out of NOW if I start using Pi I requested the access today? Pllace there ADX indicator available in Pi metatrader crosshair pips place I not able to find it. If not, please let us know are we adding it in final release or after that. Root element missing problem is not appearing now Morning.

I don know cause but it is solved. Share the reason once you knew. I must congratulate for your efforts in bringing Pi. I am using this software Pi. Never seen anything like it before…. I have used many brokers trading terminals and nothing was so easy fast and fluent. Charting is very good. Pi opening scree strucks… while opening at the image attached! I do not know! Aryush, the first login can take upto 15 mins based on your internet, but after that should be fast.

Faster internets can do it in under 3 to 4 mins. If you are still facing issue, send an email to it zerodha. First time it downloads all scripts so this screen remains. Next time keep quick login ticked. This blew my mind! My first trade plae this new terminal was a profit too! I heartly welcome the Pi… And hope that everyone benefits from this gem of a trading platform. It would be great if Pi also get that PI is up and running fine. I must congratulate Nithin and the Zerodha team for an excellent trading platform.

Hope you all will keep up the good work and metatrader crosshair pips place the crossjair to you. I want the Price High Low Open Close rates for the current candle in the chart screen top line As used to get displayed in NestPlus chart Ah, let me bounce this off of our team and see if it can be incorporated. But for now you can left click and hover over frosshair candle to see this. First i would like to congratulate you and the entire team who crossair worked on this ground braking tool for retail traders.

As i hover the mouse over candles i could not see the data for that particular candle, there is no metafrader for data window crosxhair well. If i am seeing hourly candle and i would like to switch to minute candle, i am lost, i have to again open a new chart. Chart cannot be scrolled up and down as in amibroker, which makes it difficult to see fibonacci extension to the down metatrader crosshair pips place or upside, as the view is freezed.

Amibroker bridge is not available in this beta version to check the communication issues between the application. You can buy at the best offer and sell at the best buy right? Hence you see a buy at the offer and sell at the bid. You need to left click on the chart and then hover over to see the details. Yes, that is the way you will have to do atleast for now.

Yep, we will have the bridge details out over the weekend. Cheer you can now buy from chart directly. How to change the timeframe of the chart from say 1 min to 5 min to 60 min…Daily, Weekly etc…I dont see any toolbox for controlling that in Pi One more thing there is no Fibonacci extension…it is very important to have it, pls. Also not to mention that we cannot change the Fibonacci ratio, which is kind of restricting the freedom. It would be convenient if we can have an option of a drop down list where we can change the time interval and also change the stock code too.

Poace will be placf improved for the trader. This shortcut is mentioned in the PI installation file. I have tried this couple of times crossshair i did not feel any difference in charts. Reconcile ideally helps only when you have been disconnected from internet and you want to download any updates on your orders. Thank you Nithin and zerodha spy options day trading websites, got ;lace PI installed.

Also, how can i add buy and sell signals on a live chart for expert advisors, i am more interested in symbols rather than an audio message. Few issues i faced. Alerts does not work and price movement hangs when crosshsir take simple ema and rsi strategy live. What is the configuration of your machine? We will have a section soon on Zconnect that will explain on all the features individually including expert advisors.

All you have to do is open a chart, and click on Apply expert advisors. I did that same Nithin, i get alerts via audio message and on the alerts pane. Will get someone to call you back about the issues you are facing. Yes, we will have videos and blog posts soon. You can see this posthas a decent repository of tradescript codes. Hearty thanks to Mr. Pi is working flawlessly for me. That is needed badly.

I wish you will give us crosshair like metatrader which can calculate pips on dragging and will crosshqir with single click on the chart. Yes, issue with spot index chart. So from monday llace should be all good. Thanks for giving me the link for PI software. I have installed and the same is working excellent and flawless. I appreciate all the efforts you and pils Team is taking in improving the software as well as giving ipps services whenever I have put my query on e-mails send to you.

I would also request you to giving customise menu in Columns format where we can move the individual columns as per user settings. Thanking you once again for all the efforts made by you and your Team in bringing out a very very user friendly PI Software. Link to excel from marketwatch will take some time. To move columns, left click and crosshaor the column to wherever you want. Honestlyyah Pi is advanced — but in indian standard.

Software is like a Scotch, it matures with time. I am sure so will Pi. There are obviously many things missing in current version but I am impressed with what I have seen so megatrader. Though Nifty futures chart looks mwtatrader. PT, today we had some issues with Currency and spot index chart. All Ppips see is fib options and couple of other indicators like speed line and all on left tool box. Ah, pipd are looking at drawing tools.

You can see a dropdown next to technical analysis, you have over 80 indicators there. But you should have opened a chart to be able to use the dropdown. Different time zone,PI Chart not updating after certain time same problem was Zerodha trader mehatrader. I am metatrader crosshair pips place screen shot for your reference Can you send an email to nithin zerodha. Have you tried by changing ;ips system time to IST?

It seems there is a persistent issue with the charts stopping updating itself… it happened many a times this morning on my nifty 1M chart… screens attached… Having a REFRESH option, either on right-click context menu or on the tool bar would help…. Also, please also implement page-UP and page-DOWN keys for moving screens quickly page by page basis…. CO in quick order might crowd the box, but we will try.

Metatrader crosshair pips place u can ask Zerodha for customized column name, so that u can change the names to whatever you want. See the 12 15 mcx crude candle. It looks like Ayyappa swamy Makara Jyoti in the blank sky! Or did it actually trade like crrosshair. Todays USD chart incomplete. The interface is posh and all but it is short of even what a basic Best trading software stock should offer.

For example, do you really have to open crosdhair new chart if i want a cfosshair timeframe or a new symbol. How do i see the candle values. I think i should hold the candle, but sometimes even that is of no use. Sometimes the charts act weird. I suggest you to take AMI as reference and work out the issues. You know better than me. How smooth is AMI! Plzce guysve worked hard to get to here. Till then continue working. Either ways i feel the final release shouldve covered the issues above bcoz they are too basic.

Like ZT, is their any way to Switch Metatradet volume bar or indicator values overlapping on candles? My review after first use. Croshair option for drag a symbol to chart to display chart of the particular symbol may made available. Nice trade execution alert. That can be avoided to reduce repetitive stress injury RSI. Still able to continue without problem.

Close the popped out window, it will attach back to the crossnair screen. You can go to user settings and untick on confirmation of order. Crosshaif, mentioned in the post above. When you are adding the scrip, instead of EQ choose indices. Crodshair done, you will be able to add Best mt4 broker commodities to the marketwatch. From hereyou can open plcae chart. As far as the user interface is concerned, the new version is pretty much the same.

Quite disappointed as corsshair feel the interface market-watch, charts is a few steps behind even Zerodha trader not including artificial intelligence section. Please let me know metatrder the following options can be incorporated in the final version: 1 Option to change time-frames in the opened chart itself like nest charts rather than metatrader crosshair pips place multiple charts of ceosshair same scrip. Otherwise, the whole purpose of trading from charts is defeated.

It does save the indicators and chart drawings but meatrader prices and candles do not update in the loaded charts. Sticking to ZT for the time-being…. Regards I want to know how to payin using gateway payments option through Zerodha Q? I just find the withdrawal section. Try viewing this video. This will show how to transfer pay in to zerodha account. Click on the dropdown next to technical analysis, you can see Palce moving average, Simple moving average and MACD.

Click on it to add them, you have to do one by one. Hello Nithin thanks for the answer to my query and I really appreciate you personally metatrader crosshair pips place all the questions in this blog. You are awesome thanks for the help. But I guess now I need help from your tech side as after I put in my login id and password in Pi nothing happens….

Can you send an email to tsiva zerodha. Loved the feel of it. First of all, I metatfader like to congratulate you and team Zerodha on this mind-boggling tool. I am trading with Zerodha since one metatrader crosshair pips place, and its been great so far. Now, while we traders have the friendly negotiations to make I would like to suggest a wonderful thing, which can put Pi on next cloud.

Moreover, we know that, information is as valuable as price, so individual trader can exchange some of those. Lastly, you may know that Bloomberg has this technology and being a trader on US market I have seen those little tools on some other trading platform as well. This is a suggestion, and your reply will be great. The minus is the risk of tipsters jumping in, rumors spreading fast, competitors wanting to jump in to advertise, :.

Will be nice to get feedback from a few others also about it. It is a good idea and i was planing to email you on it. Negative can be controlled by ceosshair closed groups and it is impossible to eradicate all negatives. I got this idea from Quant Share. They have a group of ten traders who share and discuss techanical ideas and try to develop various trading system. And why I lips suggesting this is because As you mentioned in one of your comments about fishes, then give some chance to fishes to gang up against the odds in trading.

This little chatting tool will clearly stand-out Zerodha Pi with any of its close competitor and I think you really that. This post is not to counter any thoughts posted by Nishith Bhatt, however I would like to state here that there are a whole bunch of groups on Whatsapp and Facebook which should serve the purpose for the ones who are interested. You may want to create a chat tool however it should be a separate entity for anyone and everyone to use and also create an integrator to attach it to Pi in case anyone wants it integrated in the trading software.

Those who would like to have that in their trading software will add it through that integrator just like Pi — Ami Bridgeand the rest can continue to trade on Pi in its current form and avoid the risk of making the application more resource hungry. Although this is just my thought on the chat tool, however I would like to stress on a point which Nishith mentioned in his post above.

We crossgair have a news tool in the software which should guide and prompt placce trader for various frequency and time based data that are released each week in all exchanges and segments Equity, Commodities, Currencies. This metatradfr help a trader to be aware of whats in store for the day and plan the trades accordingly. Also, if this facility can be taken a step further, the daily popup prompt could add results for various companies to be released each day. This way it becomes a one stop destination for all news and actions that are in store for the day and in near future.

This could be acting like an RSS feed or a separate tool designed and integrated within Pi. Currently, lot of traders especially commodities and currency traders refer to many websites on the internet to refer to news and prices on global currencies and commodities. If the above suggestion can ,etatrader worked out, I believe this would further add to the already existing ammunition in Pi to be a game changer, way ahead of its competition and Pipa stock market industry.

I want to suggest a cosmetic change in chart indicators especially oscillators. As you might know that there are overbought and oversold levels in many oscillators like RSI, CCI, Stochastics, IMI, etc. Few traders adjust these levels on chart whatever suits best to their trading style. Is there crowshair way to stop the pop up window confirmation in Pi each time we make an order ipps a trade.

For a trader I do not think a crosshaif is required metatrader crosshair pips place he trade. I am obliged for your so prompt activation of Pi. Great trading platform with so many new crosshalr. I installed all pre requisites in my Windows XP and installed new ver and started perfectly well in first go. Heikin Ashi charts is very useful as it has minimum false signals 3 We might know things about technical and fundamental analysisunderstanding charts etc but no way near to your expert team at zerodha.

A live scrolling daily recommendation at the bottom of the screen to buy-sell eq eq future mcx frosshair agri items will be A final word on the subjectDeveloping such a giant software is no easy task and you have done it in India. Thank you once again DD Thanks Dr, we had issues with data for currency charts yesterday. So the USDINR charts might be a little off.

Mettatrader check out the renko from monday. We will have blogposts on how to use all of them soon. For now you will have to look at the three blogposts and two videos we have on Pi. I have received the link metatrader crosshair pips place Q to download pi — After downloading and installing the software and checkin on the version and it says 1.

Uninstalled and reinstalled mftatrader the link in Q — Still the same. Have I received the right download link in Q?? Thanks But from an active chart window, mtatrader any scrip is clicked single click only in market watch then snapquote appears, its very annoying please check it out. After completing the installation at the time of logging in, I entered my Client ID as RN and then my password.

Let me know what I need to do in this situation. Are you still facing issue with not responding? Can you send an email to it zerodha. The license key, it is possible that if you were using the previous beta, it is picking of that. As long as you are able to login and see the version 1. Thanks for the reply. Still facing the same issue. This is the first time that I have installed this application in my system and I am not able to login to see plce version.

Can you try now, also send an email to tsiva zerodha. Order book,admin positions,chart,news …. How to size them so that market watch is visible. Market watch was able size as required but mettarader these,These were possible in ZT Tried to get positions to check conversion of positions but not able to. You can arrange all the screens, check mteatrader the crosshhair to the two videos I metatraddr posted above. MIS order will square off to day. First trade with Pi. RP Charts are awesome and I metatrader crosshair pips place same my Icharts subscription now and wont mind paying it to you if tomorrow you will come up with any charges for Pi.

Man, such a revolution in Indian brokerage. Thanks and great great plps, hats-off to your team!!!!! Just got my access to Pi!! Its just wonderful, nothing even close to the so called best platforms i have ever seen. Congratulations for bringing out such a fine product. Anyone has the same issue like me. When I open Pi and put my login and password and then when I press login nothing happens.? Despite repeated requests on my registered maili mehatrader not yet been given access to Pi. Firstly you had given that the placee for giving access as Rs brokerage, then it was changed to Rs minimum amount…….

Could you please share if there is any change in code to be embedded in afl to call the pi -ami bridge. I am using pi application for the first time and I am very excited to see how use full it will be and what extra I can croswhair and will be me to trade more crosshair and efficient. I know first time users need to spend lot more time with pi to and use it more affectively.

Before that I jetatrader some concerns with my one time use. My screen resolution is x There additional line of space seems to take most of the space on my screen which could have been used most elegantly. At the end of the all metatrader crosshair pips place need is the information and ease of utilization than Presentation.

I have faced difficulty while placing or closing my Cover order position. For this I need to see my complete Chat without hiding any part of chart right sideorder book and Snap quote window, and if possible admin positions window. Frankly it was very difficult to manage this. Simply opening up the snap quote window has hidden most of the things on the screen. Example: admin position screen etc. It seems like curser focus was constantly shifting focus to mail window or some other popped out char or other active widow.

I has some 3 intraday position cover order placed on one script and all three where with same stop trigger. What I expect is that all price trigger to be activated at the same time when price has hit the trigger price will be executed at market price. But once one position was hit, there was a voice notification confirming on action taken for once order took about some 5 second vrosshair, while other 2 order where not closed instantly.

It was same for other 2 remaining orders. For all of them to close it took around 10 to 15 second. Noted, about point 4, if multiple cosshair get executed at same point, it is possible that voice alert is a little slow. But your orders has nothing to do with it, if your order is croeshair it has to get executed. If you find this happening again, do let me know. How do I remove an indicator that I add so that I can replace it with any other.

Would like certain indicators as overlays is that possible. Yes, while metatrader crosshair pips place the indicator, you get a box as soon as you select the indicator in the main dropdown. The first dropdown metatraded the new box is source. You can choose metatrxder already added indicator there in the dropdown. Left click on the either the Keltner top or bottom, you see a white square box.

If you hover ur mouse over metattrader you can see a drag icon, Left click, continue holding, and drag this onto the candles. You have to drag top and bottom individually. While checking the OHLC, I would placs to check for the volume also. However, in the OHLC pane, the volume is not appearing. I need to move the mouse to volume pane to see the volume.

Would appreciate if you could do something about it. Thanks Zerodha olace enabling Pi on my Client id. Congrats for this great effort. I have a question. Is there any alternative way which i am not aware of. Going forward, will ZT be totally taken off? We will share the link on Q by eod today. Yes possible to automate from tradescript, but if your strategies are complex, the bridge will be a better option.

Here is a link on wiki to get you started. We put a lot of love and passion behind crossnair we do, so we end up naming our initiatives around what metatrader crosshair pips place love. For example do you know Q our reporting tool is taken from James bond. Yes you will have this option in future release. Hi Nithin Despite sending mail i have still not received the PI bridge for amirboker DLL file. But you have confirm that its crosshaig. Then why is the delay? Pps is a must.

If ppis Option delete generated alerts may made available. If I test same strategyI am unable to identify — from which windows the strategy is triggered. If there is anyway to incorporate source window eg-nifty15janfut 1 min on generated alerts. Any way I can use different strategy and go on. Girija Yes, the new release will have a column on generated alerts which also tells the time frame the alert is live on.

It suggests to add Index to marketwatch from dropdown list which I cant do Because dropdown list has only one entry as NFO. Kindly suggest the solution on how to open the NIFTY SPOT chart ASAP. Saga you will have to get your equity also enabled along with FO. Can you send us a copy of client master of any demat that you have asking to be mapped mehatrader your plafe account. When you do it, you will be able to see equity and indices on the dialog box.

Thanks for Piit will be no doubt a gaming software emtatrader Traders in days to come. My Pi was activated for the first time on 15th night with version 1. Thanks Check for the version in the about link as shown in the post above. The one on top of the screen will show 1. In my system, the dialog boxes are messed up. Like the quick order window here.

Same with the login window which shows PASSWO instead of PASSWORD and the security questions also appear cut. This will get fixed. Try changing resolution to lesser, if Windows XP How do i save my settings. Nurith, when you exit the application it automatically saves. Also, you can use the save workspace option. First crosshait all congrats to all the team members of zerodha for making this wonderful software named pi.

I am facing problem in help files when i want to open the help files in help…. I faced that problem in the earlier version. My default reader was Foxit. Changing it to Adobe solved the problem. Also at the time once when i logged in I saw that the refresh rates for 1 metatrder crude oil charts were very slow. The chart was hardly refreshing once or twice in a minute, while the same chart in Trade Tiger was refreshing much faster.

I can post a comparison video if zerodha tech guys really want to see Ravi, the first time login takes time, from the second time keep the quick login ticked. About your charts, can you send an email to tsiva zerodha. He can check this out. Ravi, this is a timezone issue, we have a fix in the next release. Can you make your system time as IST indian standard time. Still not user friendly.

Pop up sizing …. Have a look at Pointer of ventura. Right click market watch —all connected information-snap quote,…. On no account price details should be obstructed in screen except may be when viewing chart in full screen mode—even here cmp high low close ask bid details should be on top of chart. What I want is hassle free user friendly platform even for lay man and aged man who need not remember which is where.

Hoping you will spare some time to understand meyatrader thoughts rather than just say all are ok …… and justify hi. Only high lighting improvements required in Pi You know something…. Pi is showing cardamom future for 15Jan Waited for long to see number changing. Back to ZT now. Everytime I save the Crosshakr and when I relogin, I need to do the settings e.

Is it drosshair to have multiple marketwatch? The way the dropdown is designed, you are asked to choose even for MCX. You never know, we might have options for MCX soon. You can save workspace or else while logging out the marketwatch plxce saved on its own. Not for now I stopped using ZT to crosshwir in the first week of Jan I do not have Rs in my account now. I would like to see how Pi is performing before starting to trade again. Please enable Pi for me if possible. This is metatrader crosshair pips place new metatraer platform which is in beta.

Forex trading sites ranking survivor for giving access to Pi software. In the chart I cannot get the value of the candle OHLC. But you megatrader see that the figure says AM in the box, which starting of horizontal line.? How to get the price the candle pointed?? For example, if internet disconnects for 5 minutes then data for that 5 minutes will be invisible on 30 minutes or 1 hour candle.

Now, trading price action can be difficult if this happens. Is there any solution to it, please. Pipd, the only option would be to close the chart and reopen it. So when you do this, it picks all the data you had missed when the internet was down. Leena, we are currently giving the Pi access to clients who have atleast 10, in their account. Vinesh, pip will need to untick on the quick login for this to happen. We are working on having this done at the background.

Should be done by the final release. Thanks for a nice tool. The chart you see on the marketwatch, it is only for a few minutes, just to give you a hang of the latest trend. Any information about your IT guys regarding different time zone chart updation crosshhair after certain time?? I have account with Geojit and IIFL. Both of them working fine.

Only this problem Zerodha trader terminal and PI. I Hope you will find out a solution My ID is DK I was holding Nifty Call positions. I wanted to square off all at the market rate. When I attempted to square pippsit gave warning that only can be squared at a time. So then, I entered and was able to square off successfully contracts.

So in the end instead of square off of positions, I ended ppips owing contracts. I wanted metztrader know where I have gone wrong? I am referring to overnight positions and not day positions Keerthi, the best way to exit such positions is by placing two sell orders, one for 10, and one for Just out of curiosity, Is there a limit on how many contracts a retail client metatfader trade on NiftyBN, and other stocks. Most important no conditions like registration, mock trading, audition and nse certification.

Bharath, even if they are doing, they are doing it in a way which is not compliant to exchange rules and regulations. We would not take that route for sure. We are p,ace at the best way to take completely automated trading placr on Pi. Yes, when you choose moving average indicator from the main indicator dropdown, you get a box which allows you to choose the source.

The source by default has closing price, if you click on that dropdown, you will see the last option as volume. You just have to copy the code mentioned to fire orders here with the necessary adjustment and use it within your AFL. PlaceOrder string pExchnge, string pTrdSymbol, string pSymbol, string pOrderId, short pOrderSide, placs pInitialQty, int pils, double pLimitPrice, double metatrade, string pOrderType, string pProdType, string pClientCode, string pValidity Example:.

I am not a programmer. I am not able to do myself. Explain how to code in AFL is not practical, guess you will have to give a shot at learning AFL and some croosshair programming first. You could metatrader crosshair pips place use the help of someone who already codes to help you get started. SIR I WANT TO PLACE ORDER FROM AMIBROKER. PLEASE HELP Jeyaraj, it is not as simple as that. You will need to incorporate the code that is given with the AFL that is triggering your strategy.

Do check this link. Explained on this post. Data like open close low high metatrader crosshair pips place indicator values. It displays for a fraction of seconds and not metatrader crosshair pips place. Any way Crosshaie am not using it. But for programmers view- I think It need some refinement. Found a temporary solution to the above problem—.

Note:- you have to repeat the same process for every chart Is it possible to make the password metatradee instead of 14 days to 90 days? Metatrader crosshair pips place so please do so to metatraader account DL Lijoo, the message reads 14 days, metatraader it is required to change only once in 90 days. So ignore the message.

One observation might be a bug —— I usually have the habit of keeping the trading terminal open for the whole trading session, even-though no activity is done during afternoon hours. Today morning logged into PI and checked my Admin positions and later had the watchlist on screen. I am seeing only the watchlist getting updated with latest quotes. Not seen this issue with ZT before In moneycontrol charts, when we slide mouse over any candle there is a straight horizontal line which connects the candle we are on and also the corresponding signals below the chart.

This helps ipps to know crosdhair the signal exactly was at any point of time without error. We will bring crosshair in, that will basically do the same thing. Might take a couple of months though. Thanks, even I wanted crosshair to be seen along crosshaiir changes reflected in price on Y-axis and Time on X-axiswhile hovering the mouse on any open chart. Jeyaraj, like I said before metayrader orders this way is not possible.

To place orders, you have to create Pi bridge object using CreateStaticObject function Amibroker function to create a global instanceand place orders using PlaceOrder function. I will get someone to call you and explain. Mefatrader are working on having this fixed. Once the chart is open with say candles, if i want to go back and see intraday chart for a trading session 15 days back, how would metatrder do that?

Currently i am sitting with crosdhair left arrow key pressed till i reach the data for the desired day. Right click on the chart and say complete zoom out. So you can see all the data crsoshair the chart. Now, right click and select the area that you want to zoom into. I am trying to save the workspace after setting up my indicators and charts… On next start, when i try to reload the workspace it does megatrader really get me back the same window arrangement. Aarvind, what internet are you using?

Look the image too. See the time difference. But in snap quote metatarder Internet is working fine. I disconnected using firewall and reconnected it start working finesnapquote updated time. I think some problem with snap quote window. Girija Two minor comments —. ATP Average Traded Price shows as an integer always. I need Help in Learning Back testing on PI can someone metatraddr me like i am a school going Kid?

You might be made some error. CROSSOVER CLOSE, EMA CLOSE, Peter Nitesh, we will have tutorial on tradescript soon. Until then check this sectionprogramming language is the same. I have tried Pi. I congratulate Zerodha for the initiative. But I must say, the application is not that impressive. I have many problems … 1. The charts dont match with NSE charts or NEST charts. Even bad, crosshxir OHLC values displayed on the market watch is not seen in the chart.

Have to scroll the mouse or keep the arrow keys. Or zoom out completely and zoom in the recent candles. The first candle shows placce as and the 2nd last candle shows as for the 1m chart for Nifty future. The problem is the last candle shows as a line Metatrdaer all megatrader showing as the closing price. If we use the Pi after market hours, the DASH candles are repeated again and again. But this is ok for now as this feature is not there from the beginning.

Llace this will be added sooner. Mwtatrader seriously miss the alert feature which was in NEST. The basic requirement is to show a alert window to notify us if a scrip touched a price. This worked in NEST for every price update and instantaneous. This is lacking mehatrader Pi. The NEST feature was disabled earlier. I saw today metatraedr alerts is enabled again in ZT.

It takes the alerts and does not get triggered when crossing the set price. The Pi means of getting alerts, writing a croshsair, is not the same feature. How can I set alerts for a handful of scrips with each with different price points? I have not used the alert scripting, EA and scanner enough till now to comment on much.

But the feel is not great, The tradescript language is the deal breaker. I do not see any option to include time-of-day in the strategy. The language also should be multi timeframe capable. Tick by tick or even per min strategy is not practical because of spread and latency and 5min or more strategies are spoiled indicators crossing opening gaps. As I see, the only viable option here is go with amibroker or something like that.

I feel it is costly and complex to operate for small traders like me. That blinking is driving me nuts when switching between windows. Overall, we need lot of customization features, especially font, size and colors, everywhere. So we can change the look not to strain our eyes. When one spends many hours pisp day crossnair at one application, that app should not irittate us and make us blind.

The market watch …. The grid is too dark when switching to light colored themes. I find the zerodha black theme is straining the eye after a minute or so. It has a geeky look but …. No multiple market watches. That is another problem. The notices window below market watch should not consume this much space. It is causing problems when stacking the charts. Once some windows are poped out, they still have some ties to the main window and does not behave like truely independant windws.

The unbearable thing is I cannot click on the Pi title bar and move the main window. Double click on titlebar does not maximize either. Every time, I have to plwce this nuisance and go click the pi icon in plave top left and select minimize, maximize etc options. The market status information the end of tool bar does not work. Just occupies precious space. There are some strange problems too. This annoyed me many times and stopped me from entering the order at all. I work in IT field but not a programmer.

I can live with not so good software. But too many annoyances, after some time, really raises a question. Is this software designed deliberately metatader this? I do not believe much in conspiracy theories. But I cannot avoid that thought. I thought Odin is the master in getting retail trades pissed off. Then I used NOW.

Pipe sole reason is that Nithin is basically a trader and very sound in technical matters. I thought he will make Pi great. I still have hope, just to be an optimistic. But I am trying to convince myself not to expect a nice experince with any trading platform. This bugs me because I am not a full-time trader or taking my trades as a serious matter. When I got a trade idea, I want to trade and win or loss, I want to have a good experience.

I am sure many of you will think and point out that I am complaining too much. That is not cfosshair. I really apprecitate what Zerodha is trying to do with Pi. The neural network, advanced EA etc features can wait till plzce good, stable foundation is laid out. And not addressing the basic and usablity problems paint a bad picture on Zerodha despite their hard work.

I actually want zerodha to be metatraver by metatraer so that they are encouraged to work more and can give me a nice trading experience. Earlier, I wrongly assumed that Zerodha is employing developers for Pi. But I see that the application is actually developed by another company for Zerodha. Zerodha is paying another company to develop and still Pi ends up needing lot of polish and finesse.

Even after Nithin asserted nest plus problems are fixed, I had the same locking up problem metatradsr others metatrader crosshair pips place. Making intraday charts only one day almost fixed the issue. This may be a fluke but I have not seen the application lock up for metatraser long time now. Phew, thanks for the effort to write it. Like they say, rome was not built in a day. Tradelab is more than just a vendor, we are more partners if plae can call that.

This is still a beta version, and it will take time before every detail is pils. Also some of the points you have mentioned, I guess it is your personal liking, and if you are from the software business, you would know croswhair it is not possible to please everybody. I am sure some of the things you have pointed out will be there by the final release. I am sure Pi will placd getting better.

It is not possible to please everyone. When one metqtrader to stare at this one app for hours every day, the app should not be metatrader crosshair pips place more strain to the eye. Let us take this blinking in market watch: It may have its place in a dealer terminal, even then the active scrips blink for almost every update, so it is completely useless and only causes distraction and irritation. A visual alert on trend change in market watch is very useful clubbed with those custom price-points alerts it can be a major advantage of the platform but this blinking for every update is ….

What I believe is we keep blindly copying others without giving a thought. Today, If we add this blinking, we should make it customizable including an option to turn it off. The blink can be clubbed with custom price points, or it can change colors when crossing a set amount or percentage. There are many options to be useful and not be a distraction. The reading of text in the alert for the sound alarms is another pain point. Simple beeps will be a better crosshsir as just need to know the app needs attention.

This is the way ZT was supposed to work but it had a problem and people complained. We asked for sound alerts on order events and algoz triggers. You took metwtrader complaints and worked on it. I am happy that you put effort but have to metatrwder you that the result is an over-engineered solution. BTW, I checked the nestclient. The wav files are not properly mentioned and after correcting it I get beeps for order events. I would be real happy if that beep is continuous till I click metatrader crosshair pips place acknowledgement or different.

But I guess I can live with it or find an workaround. The tradescript is a starting point and it has placs. I am well aware that getting it extended is a difficult task. My doubt here is why you put so much effort getting alert, ea, scanner based on tradescript when it cannot be a serious solution? You could have delayed this feature and saved on resources. Infact, I would suggest that having a bare-bones Pi app and selling different kinds of Amibroker bridges coupled with your metatrdaer datafeed will be a better business tactic.

My biggest doubt is why one has to spend money and efforts if the Pi is not so much different from other apps like odin, now, nest, icici etc. I agree that having metatradet will be a boon to improve many metatrader crosshair pips place. But I could not understand why you cannot get this done from omnesys when you are already partnering with them? May be because Reuters coming to the picture?

But it seems that Pi is trying to be just a better version of Nest Trader or Odin and still needing much polish and finishing. That is a little disappointment. But I have to agree that what ever you did so far is already way ahead of other brokers. I only wish we get to the destination quicker. Then I am presented a completed order forms with the qty and price filled according to my money mgmt settings and exch ;lace size.

Would palce not be nice? Will it not help metatfader to be disciplined? For short term or megatrader trading metatrader crosshair pips place portfolio especially designed for short term. No broker offers this. If regulations do not permit a SL order, we can have price point alerts valid metatfader cancelled, with email, sms, even voice call or a real call from support rcosshair in case if large positions.

Options strategies plcae get a lot of help. There is a lot of menial work to be done today If the position is little more than simple long or short. The application can have a strategy designer and at a click open metatrader crosshair pips place order forms pre-filled. If such a feature is there, I am sure people will take more option positions. Sorry for the long post again. I actually wanted to send email to Nithin personally and not share my opinions in the public forum.

But I didnt find his id should have searched better, I think. He can drop a note to my email if he want to hear more. I am OK if this post and earlier posts are removed from forum and taken to an private email thread. Coming to your serious issues:. Typically most trading platforms in India use charts after the price is shown on the marketwatch and hence the charts usually lag.

Price alerts, yes we are working crosshsir it. User settings, marketwatch, you can change the fonts. Yes, we will give an option of beeps for order alerts. Yes, you will have the saving layout thing by the final release. Everything else Kars, hmm. Thanks for taking the effort to write though. Hopefully by the time we are done, you will be happier. Cheers, Please make the metarader in ZT working pipps.

Recently it is call option put option price 18k again in ZT but the alert is not triggering at all mdtatrader the condition matches. The alert feature in zt is not working yet. I can setup new alerts and modify them. I guess this feature is un-blocked in the terminals but not re-enabled on your servers which should send alerts to the terminal. Would you please get this feature working? I am not an active trader and not glued to the screen all the time.

I need some kind of alerts to get my orders going. How is this calculated? If there were trades in about 12 days, number of trades per month should be approx around rite? I am reading the guide book on TradeScript however there are many questions i am getting which i am metatrader crosshair pips place getting an answer in the guide. Yep, we will put detailed posts on this after the final release of PI.

Until then you can use this metatraader get a hang of tradescript. A lot of basic queries on tradescript answered. Trailing stops will failed after mkt close and we have no protection so ever…any Views pls. I checked the exchanges and also MC. Can you pls get this checked? Pi has been hanging not responding for few momentsvery frequently from yesterday, this happens placr when the markets are moving fast. I cfosshair keep open charts.

As an intraday trader, i miss out on few ticks. And i have 4 gb RAM on my PC. Other applications run normal. I dont know if its just me or others face this too. Please look into the matter. Karthik, if you have 7 to 8 charts, my advise is to not load too many candles. Will anyways get someone to call and check.

Please add this crosshar if possible. All of us normally use same indicators for the stocks or indices, so please provide us a facility to define our default indicators so that they get loaded every time we open any chart. Its irritating to add all these again and again for metatracer chart we open. Save this anywhere on your desktop. You can save multiple templates with different indicators on desktop and just apply whichever you want on any chart after opening it. Need Following Things in Pi.

Separate short cut key for Market Watch like F4. Kindly Reduce Login Time. I noticed one thing in Piwhich i want to bring in your notice. If your system goes into sleep mode, that is when you have to logout and log back in. The current version of Pi works great when you login from sleep mode esp in non trading hours. During trading hours, i had some issues with connectivity and when my internet was live, Pi showed the online status: red circle changed to green.

The software is not as fast as ZT in terms plwce order placing. I mean it take more time to the show the order window after pressing shortcut keys. If i get any network connection issues, the software gets even slower. Once i relogin PI things are metatdader. It seems PI is not handling network issues as good as ZT. In between plzce streaming, there are lot of times Pi becomes inactive for a second or two.

Will get someone to call you back and have the other things checked. Also, can you try running Pi on crosshajr own, without any other applications in the background? Thank pipz for your feedback. I am running Pi as you have suggested and with min no of candles as required crozshair the indicators during trading ceosshair. Pi is running smooth. Some Good things done in Pi: Quantity gets automatically updated in Admin as per executed orders.

Add ability to change price in order window of charts. Currently price gets fixed in order box. This gives entire view or exact condition in the market in one quick glance. This gives the sense of tape and trading become easier. Crosshajr matrix type arraignment is Row 1 LTP, Row 2 LTQ, ROW 3 LTT is hard to look in a single glance. If ipps possible for all at least create one for Alerts. Charts should have Vertical scrolling for Chart Metatrader crosshair pips place Ordering.

Check out MT4 Platform. They have done this beautifully Add keyboard shortcuts for following types of orders. Using Mouse increase the order placement time. So reduce the selection to be done using Mouse. One way to do this pipx by implementing following Keyboard Shortcut and also using a Default Quantity option. Crisshair is required so that the time to place order reduces by a second. The faster the order metwtrader better is the edge for intraday trading. Buy colour window should be green.

Orders placed from chart are Trigger — Limit type Order, not Trigger Market type orders. Suppose I have city forex traders review 40 some stocks Due to fast moving market price is metagrader Add option to turn off the order intimation voice which recites the Scrip Name. Some of these things we are already working on. About the order meetatrader chart bit, if you place a selling order below the current market price, it is a SL-M order.

So if market plade fast, it will get executed at market. If you have bought at Will get someone to call you pip on this and we will check the order details also from our side. Do check the system requirements in the installer document. I wanted to metatrader crosshair pips place that, is there any way to save markings on the charts. Because it gets clean up after I crosdhair out the Pi. So, how I can save my drawings on the charts? If I open Pi before market open, it is hanging as soon as market opens!

Is there any solution for this? There is no solution for this. Sir In PI there is a problem in timing of crossjair that if we open 30 Min chart the 1st candle is completed in as market open in so the 1st candle basicly close on …. Guess there is no way to fix this. If we make the first 30mins start at 9. We have tried to follow what probably the best charting platform esignal follows.

Should login within a couple of minutes. If you do, when the Pi application starts, all these charts have to load too, this can take time. Yesterday the PI app was not launching all of crosshaif in my computer. I uninstalled the app and then installed again. I called up your Bangalore office support numbers but netatrader one was metatdader even though it was about 8 PM India time.

The zerodha website says the support line is open from 9 AM to The mobile app is not user-friendly when someone want to trade with lots of zinc, copper, curde and want to make some money with the volatile. The position summary is very confusing and the home screen of the mobile app has unnecessary icons. Also currently pi is in beta, and hence we are supporting this only online. Installation of Pi is quite simple, can you send snapshots to it zerodha. Also do send your teamviewer or ammy admin details in the email.

We are also working on getting something going in Singapore, hopefully metagrader sometime mid this year. Final release should be in 3 to 4 weeks from now. We will have a patch with a few bugs fixed by early next week. The IT guys did quickly resolve the issue… Found the below issues while backtesting:. Pi crash : I have a relatively metatrder algo that involves many variables. When the chart gets generated for the algoPlots corresponding to variables also get generated which is a nice feature addition.

To see the plot of variables which are below in the stackI have to click and drag up the plot on the top so that the below one is revealed. Pi crashes after a certain no. I dnt think the actual evaluation of expression is wrong when algo is running, but the plot isnt correct Hi Nithin awaiting for final release,what ever may be the future updates. Pi looks very promising which nobody offers then you at this time.

If I understand your 7th point correctly, then popout charts will not be good for multi-monitor set-up. Its good they are opened in separate windows. I have a problem in using your system. I have to manually increase the size of lot metatrader crosshair pips place I have to but. For ex: If I have to buy 4 lots of Nifty, I have to crosshair enterppis of the arrow key doing the work for me, For this purpose I have to open zerodha trader also in order to punch order but see charts in Pi, is there any solution in Pi?

There is a problem with the charts of calender spreads. Please check mettrader same at your end. I have already untick the box in user settings but it only stops confirmation for submitting order. Every few minutes, the data stops and after a few secs or mins, the data flows as if the floodgates have been opened. Internet connection is steady.

Sometimes the data stoppage lasts upto 5 mins and more. I have notice it usually stops drawing on new candle, I have used as low as candles on 15 min timeframe.

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